Saturday November 17th 2018

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Bi Di Gain Dash Anwebi. Come in Rest- Elder Housing near done at 24th and Bloomington

American Indian Elder Housing

AICDC is addressing the lack of affordable housing for American Indian elders in Minneapolis with the development of the Bi Di Gain Dash Anwebi Elder Housing. The apartment will be 47 1-bedroom units locatedĀ  on the east and west sides of Bloomington Avenue. h. The apartments will be available to seniors 62 years of age and older with an income at or below 50% AMI (Area Median Income). HUD (The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) rental subsidiesĀ  will be available to seniors livingĀ  at Bii Di Gain Dash Anwebi Elder Housing. CommonBond Communities will co-sponsor and manage the project.

The apartments will include an Advantage Center Community Room which will provide program training and computer space and the management office. Services will include independent living skills, wellness and prevention workshops, health promotion, community information and referalls, and discussion circles. The office will maintain regular hours offering culturally-specific professional service to the residents.

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