Tuesday February 18th 2020

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Barbara LeShoure: Blues, Chicago style

Born on Chicago’s south side, weaned on the blues, a daughter of a singer, guitarist, and harmonica player, Jack Stepter, Barbara spent her youth sucking up the souls of legends that included Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Howlin’ Wolf.  Her Blues upbringing provided the foundation for which she was to later be acclaimed as Chicago’s “Leading Lady of the Blues.”

Diversely gifted in both Gospel and Jazz, her father insisted early on that singing the Blues was Barbara’s destiny for life in order to carry on the tradition and to educate others of the tragic struggles resulting in this country’s musical roots.

Since residing in Minnesota, Ms. LeShoure performs locally and has contributed regularly to the community through an inner city program entitled “Music Mentoring”.  She has provided educational instruction about the Blues in several Minneapolis and St. Paul schools to promote awareness and appreciation of the African American cultural experience.

Ms. LeShoure has recently been inducted into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame.  Many lay claim to singing the Blues, but few, if any can lay claim to “living the Blues-side of the tracks” like Barbara LeShoure.

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