Tuesday January 15th 2019

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Procession for Peace March 24

Palm Sunday, Anniversary for Assassination of Archbishop Romero, & Recognition of  other Fighters for Peace and Justice

Sunday, March 24 is the 33rd Anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero in El Salvador.  Romero was killed for standing up for the poor and opposing the US-supported war during the 1970’s and 1980’s, which killed tens of thousands of Salvadorans.  His life is remembered around the world on March 24, as a celebration of the continuing struggle for justice and peace.  This year, the remembrance coincides with Palm Sunday, and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Phillips is hosting a Palm Sunday Procession for Peace, that will remember Archbishop Romero and other fighters for peace and justice.

The procession is bilingual, and begins at 12 noon at St. Paul’s, 2742 15th Ave S.  It will stop at several spots between St. Paul’s and El Mercado Central, as people remember and pray for issues that affect our community. For more information, call 612-724-3862 or e-mail

Procession for Peace

March 24th

Palm Sunday

Anniversary Archbishop Romero’ Assassination

Celebrate Fighters for Peace and Justice

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