Saturday February 16th 2019

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Bridging Neighborhoods and Fun

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By Dallas Johnson

The 3rd Annual Shenanigrins and Bridging Festival was a gob-stopping feast for the eyeballs and a splendiferous gift to the heart. Before the event, our friends wrote happy words all over the deck of the 24th St pedestrian bridge, hung an enormous unicorn head from one end and suspended over 100 stuffed, glittering handmade hearts from the top of the bridge which danced in the breeze above our heads as we paraded across, danced to live bluegrass music, read a poem about community and tied our wild wishes to the chain link. When we reached the party, we were greeted by brightly colored banners declaring, “Life is Generous” in many languages. The costume cart got a serious workout as revelers young and old donned festive embellishments, had faces painted, hula hooped, played instruments in a rock band, limbo’d to live soca music, held potato sack races and enjoyed pizza and snow cones. Muriel Simmons’ grandkids performed a skit in her honor which ended in the entire crowd shouting, “Anything is possible!” and then we took turns answering questions in the Happy Stories Chair, such as, “What’s your favorite thing about our neighborhood”, which was answered in one word, “THIS!”.

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