Saturday January 19th 2019

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Star Tribune says: Bloom-Lake “Blight” Community says: Bloom-Lake and elsewhere there is “LIGHT”

4.10b v38#12 Bloom-Lake Drop th B photoBy Harvey Winje

Kristin Tillotson, a Star Tribune writer, began an otherwise laudatory snippet Friday, November 1, 2013, about the “Juntos Crecernos”/“Together We Grow” mural at Bloomington Avenue and Lake Street with a biased cultural slam that exposed more about her than about that corner or this community.

The insult to scores of stores, a theatre, a museum, and residents and customers is overwhelming and merits an apology.

dee henry williams quick retort November 2 on KFAI “Great Blend of Watercolors”* was “drop the “B.” Right On, dee! Kristin, DROP the “B” from clouding your vision and see the Light in the Community.

*Grand Deeva! brings “Great Blend of Watercolors”. She slams Blues, Southern R&B, Ol Skool, Jazz and a hint of Gospel, interviews and mo’ fun! Listen up every Saturday from 6:00~9:00 A.M. on KFAI for the best in music from the diaspora and beyond.

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