Monday October 22nd 2018

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Cookie Cuisine at Ingebretsen’s

By Carstens Smith

Krumkake (KROOM-kaa-ka) is a light, delicate Scandinavian cookie, fragrant with cardamom and rolled into a cone. The northern cousin of the Italian pizzelle, which is usually flavored with anise, it is easy to make once you have a few tips from an experienced baker. Ingebretsen’s has such an expert, Emily Barker, who will teach a class in making traditional krumkake along with a number of variations on Saturday, February 8 from 10 to 11:30.

“My Norwegian heritage is important to me and I like to share traditional recipes. But good food in general is important, so anyone who likes baking would enjoy learning to make krumkake,”says Emily.  The name means “bowed” or “arched” cookie and refers its graceful shape when it is rolled. For people who want to venture into shaping the cookies in less-than-traditional ways, they can try their hand with Norwegian “fortune cookies,” complete with Ole and Lena jokes to tuck into the folds. Emily also shares a gluten-free krumkake recipe and a variety of filling recipes. To register for the class, call Ingebretsen’s at 612.729.9333. The class fee is $5.

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