Tuesday January 15th 2019

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Time Will Tell

By Peter Molenaar

It is now past a month since the good surgeon replaced my worn bone-on-bone left hip with a joint of cobalt and plastic.  It was a three-day hospital stay, during which a royal treatment was rendered by people from all over the world.  However, it is about time to re-enter…movements, meetings and protests, and yes, the job at Smith Foundry.

Of course, the recent down-time did induce some self-examination, which in turn led to some re-ordering of living space.  Hence, an old scrap-book revealed the photo of a proud Boy Scout saluting.  Patriotism was a simple thing back then.


Then came the clouds of napalm and agent orange, tear gas and uncertainty.  Indeed, our ruling class has stashed enough wealth in foreign accounts to pay off our nation’s debt, if only they would.

What is meant by the word “revolution?”  A revolution constitutes the ascendency to power of a social class and its allies over and against  the power of the old ruling class…in order to clean house and transform property relations.

Nevertheless, I am pleased with the last election to our city’s government.  Alondra Cano is, I think, quite excellent.  Moreover, Mayor Hodges’ emphasis on early childhood intervention is an important key to social advance.  We are, after all, in the period of “preparation of forces.”


“Social Democracy” is that political outlook which seeks to reform society within the framework of the capitalist system.  Presently, we engage a “united front” with social-democratic forces in opposition to right-wing extremism.

Will I live to see the revolution?  Well, I intend to live another thirty years but, for all concerned, time is running out.

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