Tuesday June 19th 2018

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“Get-Togethers” Enliven Community

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Many Minnesotans romanticize and await the Great “Get Together” Minnesota State Fair as a signal of end to summer and of ‘back to school” and Fall. 

Many residents of South Minneapolis begin “get togethers” much earlier beginning at MayDay and happening every week somewhere throughout the neighborhoods. The “get-togethers” range from family bar-b-ques to block parties, park festivals, independence day events, National Night Out and, of course, watching sporting events at local parks and stadiums.

Some “get togethers” happen spontaneously, others are planned months ahead and some are annual repeats replete with traditional games and foods.

The photos here are of the 17th Avenue ‘Tween 27th and 28th Streets Block Club that began their 3 or 4 for this summer on May 10th. Their block club “get to together” depends on the hosting leadership of Rose Gbadamassi with dependable back-up help from Claudia Sagos who also took these photos.

Larger festivals this summer are:

East Phillips Fest June 22nd

Midtown Phillips Festival 

National Night Out August 5th

Mad Dads Senior Pride Day August 15th

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