Tuesday November 20th 2018

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Fresh Springs And Flowing Streams

By Peter Molenaar

It was August 30, 2010 when John T. Williams, a 50-year-old Native American woodcarver, was shot four times by a Seattle police officer. He was simply crossing the street while holding a block of wood and a pocket knife.

What year was it when Julani, a Somali neighbor, was gunned down here? True, he brandished a machete, but he was warding off demons, not attacking people. They surrounded him and then…

Yes, the long list of victims dates back to slave cargo ships, the genocide, and the inception of “free-enterprise.” No, we will not “get over it.”

But now fresh springs burst free from a saturated soil. Small streams combine to form rivers. “The revolution begins now!” And yes, there are countless meetings and public forums.

4200 Cedar Ave., December 15…

Communities United Against Police Brutality captioned their forum “Getting Away with Murder…” Currently the CUAPB is petitioning a change in the Minneapolis Charter which would require officers to purchase liability insurance. “Think before you act” is the intent, along with eliminating the city’s exposure to brutality lawsuits.

Some additional proposals include: 1.) more “cops of color” 2.) jail time for filing a false report 3.) body-cams. The image of police officers as heroic workers and public servants might one day be restored.

As for “the revolution begins now,” this slogan has merit. But the rivers of outrage are not at flood stage. No, not yet.

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