Saturday February 16th 2019

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English Learning Center

BY KATHLEEN ROCHE, PM ESL Volunteer Coordinator.
The English Learning Center, located in the Phillips Community at Chicago Avenue and 24th Street, works with adult immigrants and refugees from over 40 different countries. Their work is educationally empowering immigrants and refugees toward self-determination by teaching English, math, computer skills, and citizenship. Students are a diverse body, the most advanced English class has students from Somalia, Mexico, Ecuador and Ukraine. Recently this class collaboratively wrote a piece describing some of their experiences they feel many native Minnesotans might not understand about them. Some of the misunderstandings were shared among the group, and some were unique to individuals or groups. Overall the assignment taught the classmates more about one another, as they worked together in an effort to teach you more about new immigrants. Please also remember this class is speaking of their experiences, this may not be representative of all immigrants and immigrant groups.

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