Sunday June 16th 2019

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Frank Reflections


If Americans want Mexicans to respect U.S. borders, why have Americans never respected Iraqi borders; are not Americans in Iraq “illegal?”

Chris Rock said, “Only Brian Williams didn’t even kill anyone, just lied about what helicopter he was in, a real troublemaker.

If you think “war’s” evidence for existence is rooted in self-defense, how could Iraq’s right to defend itself in 2003 give the U.S. the freedom to kill?

When a local radio station plays Lynyrd Skynyrd, is that not the same as flying the confederate flag?

What a dumb idea the “Civil War” was, if the South would have “won,” we would be honoring The Confederate Flag before Twin’s games and slavery would be the law of the land.

Donald Trump should be grateful that Mexicans cannot come to America via attack helicopters and battleships. Mexicans should be welcomed for one reason alone, they don’t come as “war.”

U.S. soldiers participated in an illegal corrupt invasion of Iraq, but none of them went to jail for it–who blames the soldiers for “wars”…why are local Somali-Americans in jail for trying to fight in an illegal corrupt “war,” when no U.S. soldiers are in jail. You can’t conveniently decide which soldiers are responsible for “war”–this is a racist attack on the Somali Community.

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