Sunday February 17th 2019

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Frank Reflections


A retired U.S. official said, “The reality is, we may just have to live with ISIL; they look to be difficult to defeat.” Now, we know what Native Americans had to accept and that which they had to deal.

Is this how “war” works, if you can’t “win” you learn to co-exist with your enemy? Why not just avoid the “wars” and co-exist? “War” still decides the pecking order. What primates we are.

Here is our society’s cold and corrupt answer for the true Native souls of this land who have the police chase them up Lake Street, put up “No Trespassing” signs under the Lake Street-Hiawatha overpass and force then off Target’s property on Lake Street.

The City is not fooling anyone, we know at whom the “No Trespassing” signs at Lake Street and Hiawatha are directed. How dare the White Man be so cold and arrogant; who’s land is it? The kind hearted Liberals who run Minneapolis should be disgusted with themselves. I am so completely glad that Natives pitch camp under the Lake Street-Hiawatha Avenue overpass right next to “No Trespassing” signs. It is actually non-Natives who are the true violators. Load your guns and go vote White Man.

They’re not un-employed, they’re doing their job— making you uncomfortable. They’re not going away.

Blessed are the true forgotten souls of this land. Inheritance wealth is passed down. Natives inherit nothing. Just how does that work? How did they lose title to the land?

Get your sorry self to work, drive by them in your fancy car, leave your toxic cancer causing emissions for them to breath. Every morning the freeways are clogged with ambition. Here are buildings to be rebuilt, roads to be paved, spirits to be tamed and crushed.

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