Monday December 9th 2019

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Clean Power?

By Peter Molenaar

Tucked in the south-west corner of the Phillips Neighborhood is an impressive facility dubbed the Colin Powell Youth Leadership Center.  The Center saw our Congressman Keith Ellison play host to a “celebration of the Clean Power Plan.”  Yes, the aggrandizements were well distributed, to be sure.  However, my inner voice rudely screamed, over and over:  “What’s the plan for the plan, man, what’s the plan for the plan?”

Let’s assume, as some people do, that vast wind and solar farms might sustain a modern economy and prevent social disaster.  Then, by what source of energy would we arrive at this happy conclusion?  Answer: a heavy draw from coal fired plants.  (Note:  I worked 35 years at Smith Foundry.)  Meanwhile, glaciers and icecaps disappear.

True, existing coal fired plants might achieve a 30% emissions reduction by switching to natural gas.  But, wait.  Synfuel, derived from natural gas, was to have been the replacement for petroleum derived gasoline…synfuel being engine ready, less expensive, and much cleaner burning.  Oops…can’t go there now, not under the “plan.”

What’s a rational nation to do?

Knowing that, in the transition period, we must rely on coal reserves, it follows:  the technology to sequester CO2 emissions (in the form of algae) must be developed and mandated for existing coal fired plants. The goal should be an 80% reduction in emissions (not 30%). Okay?

Forgive me, please…

The separate power plants do not have the where-with-all to develop the required technology, and this is why the “Clean Power Plan” is nothing but a formula for disaster.

Hey, the Manhattan project produced the A-bomb, and yes, we did put a man on the moon.  Must we make revolution to preserve the planet for precious living things?

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