Saturday February 16th 2019

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April Means Art!

By Patrick Cabello Hansel

What is the connection between the image that we see, the word that we hear and the power that we are? Where do we see art in our community, live art in our lives, create art in our world? These are some of the questions the Semilla Center at St. Paul’s Lutheran will explore during a month long celebration of International Poetry Month. WORD/IMAGE/POWER will explore the deep connections between art and the written and spoken word. Watch for pop up poetry and art around Phillips—where will creativity pop up? Watch for on-line pop ups at

The month will conclude with an art exhibition and huge open mic night on Friday, April 29, from 7 – 10 pm. Artists from Phillips and beyond will show their work, poets and fiction writers from Phillips and beyond will read their words. And artists, poets and musicians will work together to create. Refreshments, hands-on activities and information on Semilla’s spring and summer programs, for the whole family. St. Paul’s is located at 2742 15th Ave S. For more information or to sign up to read at the open mic, call 612-724-3862 or e-mail

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