Tuesday November 20th 2018

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Leadership Opportunity for Phillips Youth

Leadership Opportunity for Phillips Youth

Do you know a young person aged 11 to 15 that lives in the Phillips Neighborhood? Do you know a young person with exceptional leadership qualities? Or a young person that loves making art?

Well, send them our way! This summer, June 27th through August 5th, the Semilla Center at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church will be training 20 youth as part of the Young Leaders Program. This program focuses on preparing kids with work readiness and leadership skills through arts, gardening, and community work. Not only does this program teach valuable life skills, such as resume writing and the do’s and don’ts of the workplace, it also provides kids with a creative outlet to make art that reflects their hopes and dreams for themselves and their community.

Applications will be due June 20th. Stop by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at 2742 25th Ave. S. for an application or for more information, please contact us at: or at 612-724-3862.

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