Sunday February 17th 2019

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My Talk With June Bug Regarding Non-Violence

By Peter Molenaar

Hah!  June Bug, you have come to rest your long forelegs across a rumple of my jeans…evidently not to bite me.  Alright then, it seems we shall enter a state of mutual contemplation.  Are you aware of the violence in this world?


“The LGBT community has stood side by side with the American-Muslim community during challenging and difficult times.  We stand together against hatred, violence and demonization of entire communities.” – Jalani Hussein, Executive Director of the Minnesota Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (as found in Alondra Cano’s NOTICIAS).

Do you wonder if I, a proponent of socialism, am also an advocate for violent revolution?  No, marvelous creation of the evolution of matter, God’s gift to me, I am not.  But neither am I a pacifist, nor do I consider the philosophical concept of “a just war” to be entirely passé.  Yet in the context of our mutual homeland, I must be committed to non-violence.


We all of us live beneath a massively armed state which serves a profit driven oligarchy.  Yet, for the sake of the whole living planet, we cannot shirk our duty to “wrest by degrees all capital from the bourgeoisie” by “winning the battle of democracy.”

So, it is then a matter of necessity that we proceed in stages by non-violent means.  For now, we will cast the vote against Trump, even as we consolidate the Sanders forces within the Democratic Party, with the door left open to a Labor- led third party.  Naturally, there will be all manner of street demonstrations as well.

Oh, you ask me now:  What if the capitalist class turns to violence?  John Bachtell, current chairman of the Communist Party USA says:   “It should be met with greater non-violence, mobilization and involvement, unity, political consciousness, defense of democracy and moral authority.”  I will add that we must learn to put flowers in the barrels of their guns.

Little June Bug, you appear to agree.  Well okay, I love you too.

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