Saturday March 23rd 2019

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Yes, Hillary, And Then…?

Our Hillary has accused the Donald of “taking hate mainstream.” Oh, quite right.  It seems the little boy-man suffers all the symptoms of affluenza, the nauseating narcissism of every known chauvinism.  Sadly, a serious mass seeks salvation in worship of the false idol.

However, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, 25 million years old, is now dying before our eyes.  So, cast your vote appropriately, please.

The size of Hillary’s victory will determine the kind of president she can be.  Right?  Will she tax the rich in order to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure?  If so, every working person would benefit.

But, what?

Hillary’s propensity to use nasty weapons is known.  Indeed, over the past 15 years, US conflicts have cost perhaps a million lives, have resulted in many more millions of refugees, and have run up some $13 trillion in financial costs.  So, prepare to resist another unjust war…please.

Even so, the “lesser of two evils” is for now a necessity, lest the “proto-fascist” prevail.  Cast your vote appropriately.  Please.

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