Friday September 25th 2020

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Phillips Neighborhood is a Treasure Stay strong; Stay together; Speak for justice; We are a family here.  


The Election has caused me to reflect;

Each and Every day. I wake up thankful for this Community, for the different cultures represented, for the Sharing – for Caring – for Standing together.

The history of Activism in this Neighborhood has changed the way the city and county do their businesses.  Policy has been changed in areas of development, environment, criminal justice, and economics just to name a few.

We have a world view in our little Phillips Neighborhoods because of all our residents, businesses, and organizations which are here building community every day.

I have no doubt we will all stick together, stand up for each other, and look out for each other.  Now and moving forward.

The Phillips Neighborhood is a Treasure.

Thank you to everyone – Every effort from greeting a neighbor, to running fabulous youth programs, to new housing, to outreach which help folks caught in prostitution turn their lives around, to Fabulous local businesses & restaurants, to making meals & delivering food to those who need a good meal, to campaigns for a livable wage & environmental justice, to Solidarity with Standing Rock.

Stay strong.  Stay together.  Keep speaking for justice.  We are a family here.

Keep Building Community.  ‘Each one, Reach one.’

Jana Metge, 30 year resident & activist

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