Saturday October 20th 2018

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GOAL: “A Requiem for Architectural Eclecticism, Immigrant Ingenuity, Building Repurposing, Prairie Urban Culture, and Marketing Savvy on East Lake Street.” A CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS To Musicians, Poets, Composers, Lyricists, Spoken Word Artists, Songwriters, Playwrights, and Humorists

Plans are being made for a Celebration of the past occupants, companies, and organizations that built, moved, and used the 2019 East Lake Street building for 134 years.

Yes, it will be a funeral of sorts, a Requiem, to honor the structure and its meaning for thousands of people.

The word Requiem means memorial ceremonies and also texts and compositions associated with death, dying, and mourning, even when they lack religious or liturgical relevance.

Poems, songs, music, spoken word, rhymes, and stories may all be included in an event to be announced soon. Perhaps there is a local theater troupe or two that would take this on for a World Premeier.

Send submissions to: The Alley Newspaper at:;
P.O.Box 7006, Mpls, MN 55407; or call 612-9990-4022.

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