Saturday February 23rd 2019

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Letter to the Editor: While hoping for Sale, Messiah’s pianos to kids, hymnals to Africa, music to churches, and archives to smaller boxes

Dear Editor,

After speaking to you, I hear that here are many issues involved in the possible sale of the Historic Messiah Church.

I wish to address just one assumption from your paper. 

As a long-time member of Messiah, I was very hurt by the intimation that we would “trash” our beautiful sanctuary.

To me it seems inevitable that we will have to sell our property.  But that does not mean that we are not responsibly caring for our building. After 100 years of occupancy, it as an enormous task to make sure the move to vacancy is done with the dignity and love that it deserves.

For example:

We are considering Keys/4/4/Kids for our four pianos.

We are considering Books for Africa for our hymnals.

We are looking for other churches interested in inheriting our extensive music library.

We are gleaning and pruning our Archives to a manageable and meaningful size.

In the meantime, we will heat the necessary spaces with space heaters.

This all will be done in God’s time. I pray that it doesn’t take long.

Blessings, Sincerely, Ann E. Keating

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