Sunday June 16th 2019

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Raise Your Voice – Mother Earth knows


Editor’s note: This article was written before the August 14th primary election.

Our Franklin Avenue follows an old Dakota path to what were bountiful waters to the near west of us. Today we take this path to 2104 Stevens Avenue to find the headquarters of MN350, an organization which resists the forces of climate change. MN350 has worked to establish relations with the tribal bands further north. Unity with the peoples whose bond with water runs deep, is earnestly sought.

Minnesota’s water is under the threat of Polymet.

Are there politicians who would endorse a 500-year threat to our well-being: the threat of arsenic and mercury contamination of the watershed which feeds Lake Superior? Under the banner of “national security” and a handful of “good jobs” lasting a mere 20 years, indeed there are.

Editor’s note: Subsequent to this writing, Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan have won the primary election.

Note: I suggest we redeploy a major portion of our military monster to the infrastructure required for a post-fossil-fuel society.

Reminder: Polymet (actually, a foreign company) intends to pulverize “sulfide rock” in order to extract copper and nickel. Add water to the tailings and the resultant sulfuric acid will further erode a material meant to contain the poisons for eternity (Google, please).

Who will govern Minnesota in the period of the Popular Front?

As a member of MN350’s candidate screening committee, I was privileged to again engage Tim Walz, this time with Peggy Flanagan (White Earth) at his side. Tim actually humbled himself by deferring to Peggy on the pertinent issues. Ultimately, MN350 endorsed Erin and Erin, fine candidates who need our help on the Polymet question. Lori Swanson is a strong person who has done good work but appears as a less forthright opponent of Trumpism.

But, how old is our country? Evidently, not old enough to carry the wisdom of the land’s first inhabitants. Mother Earth knows.

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