Sunday March 29th 2020

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Letter to the community: Don’t go down the path of ugliness

I am a former 13-year resident of Phillips, during which time I was an activist and sometime-contributor to the Alley.  When I saw “The Rand Report” I thought: Another interesting column. On reading further, I was saddened. The piece is a classic rant, full of angry statements backed up by unsubstantiated or non-existent evidence. (Sound familiar these days?)

For example: “The Irish, as indentured servants, were worked to death with greater frequency than [African] slaves.” Since at the time, Africans were counted as 4/5 of a person, it would be hard to calculate this even if there were any figures.  

I have all good feeling for Irish people and Irish culture, and know they were badly mistreated by people who had immigrated to America before them, but were there any Irish chattel slaves (meaning that they and their offspring were property of the master)? 

Any Irish-aimed Jim Crow laws? Any laws written to discriminate against the Irish in banking, housing, etc. even  in the North and right up to the present? Today, I and Mr. Retteroth are recipients of white privilege, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Having been out of Phillips for 11 years, I neither know nor care about his apparent feud with Alondra Cano. I do know a hate-spewing rant when I see one. I hope this is a one-shot piece and not a regular feature of this newspaper. It would take us down a path where ugliness lurks in plain sight.

Jane Thomson

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