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Letter to the Editor: Tell History in full context; A Single Story is dishonest, disrespectful, and sometimes a monstrous mistake

BY LAURA WATERMAN WITTSTOCK It is the artist’s responsibility to understand the society in which he/she lives and to create art that moves society forward. Apparently this artist thought building a scaffold to reveal the horror of mass hangings would shock and wake people up about the scaffolds of the future unless society comes to its senses. [...]

Letter to the Editor: Profile Police Stops that fear non-whites of any age

By Laura Waterman Wittstock I don’t know how many studies I have read that non-whites are stopped far more than whites. In MN American Indians are arrested far more than their population should suggest when compared to other populations. A great majority of these arrests do not result in convictions. We can’t have an intelligent conversation [...]

FAKE NEWS SENT TO THE EDITOR: Conjecture, opinion, and prejudice

The Alley Newspaper has a firm policy excluding the printing of Letters to the Editor that are not signed. In May an ANONYMOUS packet of papers was sent to the Editor. The Alley Newspaper is choosing to acknowledge receipt of these papers albeit with a label of FAKE NEWS/propaganda/revisionist history. We believe it is important to acknowledge [...]

Frank Reflections

By FRANK ERICKSON If Americans want Mexicans to respect U.S. borders, why have Americans never respected Iraqi borders; are not Americans in Iraq “illegal?” Chris Rock said, “Only Brian Williams didn’t even kill anyone, just lied about what helicopter he was in, a real troublemaker. If you think “war’s” evidence for existence is [...]

My Last Words to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

My Last Words to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

Counterpunch Editor’s Note: News came Nov. 10, 2014 that Tomas Young, 34, an Iraq war vet turned anti-war activist, had passed away in Seattle. He enlisted in the Army two days after 9/11. After Ft. Hood, Texas training he was deployed to Iraq and paralyzed five days into the tour after being shot through his spinal cord. Many CounterPunchers [...]

COMMENTARY Obama Can’t Do it Alone: Your Vote is Important This November

By Donna Pususta Neste  I remember the fall of 2008 when I got in the longest line to vote that I had ever seen in Phillips Neighborhood. Everyone was excited. We all knew that the whole country was sick of Bush and the Republicans. Obama won by a landslide and for the first two years of his presidency much was accomplished. However, the [...]

Phillips, Mpls, America Awake!!!

by Jim Graham, Ventura Village Discrimination against Native Americans really is an issue for Phillips, as well as a Minneapolis as a whole. Minneapolis, and in particular the Phillips Community of Minneapolis is home to the largest coherent Urban Indian Community in the Nation. It is the birth place of AIM and the Indian Civil Rights Movement. [...]

e-mail to community Sister Rose: saint among us

Something certainly SHOULD be named for Sister Rose. Perhaps the only “Saint” I will ever meet. What an uncannily moving little lady. When she asked you to be a better person, it was almost impossible to not be. I well remember when, after giving Rose a ride home, she reached over and grasping my arm said,” I am so happy that my prayers [...]

“We Owe It All To Guns!”

By Frank Erickson The United States is by far the number one exporter of weapons in the world. The profit the U.S. makes is in the billions. The United States make a lot of money selling weapons abroad, but this in turn makes the world a very dangerous place. When U.S. snipers were killing Iraqis, we heard no talk of gun control. After a [...]

The “Laws of War” are the worst idea ever

Just like the “Iraq War”, Obama is now putting a projected “deadline” to end the “Afghan War”, is this even possible? How can he say that the 2014 deadline will mean that “the Afghan War as we understand it is over” --it appears he doesn’t understand “war”. If he is in a real “war”, then the “war” decides when it [...]

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