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The “Laws of War” are the worst idea ever

Just like the “Iraq War”, Obama is now putting a projected “deadline” to end the “Afghan War”, is this even possible? How can he say that the 2014 deadline will mean that “the Afghan War as we understand it is over” --it appears he doesn’t understand “war”.  If he is in a real “war”, then the “war” decides when it [...]

War cannot be created

“War” cannot not be created like a basketball game…meaning you can create a basketball game by doing basketball things, but you cannot create “war”, which is the freedom to kill and destroy, by doing warlike things.  You cannot get “war” from doing “war”, “war” cannot create itself. The problem is, we believe “war” [...]

COMMENTARY Saving the Phillips Pool to Save Lives

By State Senator Jeff Hayden Minneapolis “The City of Lakes.” Minnesota “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” Behind all those images of sky blue sparkling waters, there is a startling fact: Minnesota has the highest drowning rate among African-Americans in U.S. The drowning rate for Native Americans is third highest in U.S. One reason is [...]

Rep. Ryan’s Bill is Robin Hood in Reverse: “Rob from the POOR and give to the RICH”

By Donna Pususta Neste Wisc. Rep. Paul Ryan sponsored a budget bill in the federal House of Representatives last year that would have: increased military spending, cut taxes for millionaires, raised Middle –class taxes plunged millions more into poverty by cutting SNAP (food stamps), the Women Infants and Children Nutrition [...]

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, Has the electoral process withered while our legislators balked at compromise? The resignation of Senator Linda Berglin opens a seat to be filled by a special election.  The first campaign candidates’ forum at the Mercado Central August 26 brought up some traditional and newfound issues.  The citizens of Senate District [...]

Is war opposition a crime?

By Josie Winship When did Opposing War, become a crime in this country? A “witch hunt” is being held in the name of “Homeland Security.” On Sept. 24th 2010 the FBI raided the homes of eight Twin City peace and international solidarity leaders and the office of The Mpls. St.Paul Anti-War Committee. Some of them were involved in [...]

A Poetic Invitation to See the World of Birds

I am a follower of The Alley Newspaper. I once resided in the Seward area and enjoyed the neighborhood and community feeling.  I spent many hours at the Seward Co-op and Deli—a great place. I do have a concern for the dwindling bird population in areas of the city including the great areas of Phillips-Seward and other areas included in [...]

Corrected past to remain “just” a story, replaced by “ trying to live a just life.”

by Frederick Fisher Dear Editor in Charge: Months ago I read an article in your paper from an ex-offender, who was maintaining his “Survival” in this world. Upon reading these, I was inspired to Continue my Journey in this world. Upon my walk I have been forced to deal with harassment from cops, since they’ve discovered my status as [...]

How about also making Park, Portland, 26th and 28th Streets more “Accessible, Vibrant, Pedestrian and Biker Friendly with Less” and Slower Speeds?

Hennepin and 1st Avenues have been changed to two-way streets again so they will be “more accessible, more vibrant, with slower speeds and less around the block trips,” according to city planners and politicians, plus many pedestrian and bicycle improvements. The City widened Park and Portland Avenues and 26th and 28th Streets decades [...]


By Raymond Jackson This epidemic consists of highly addictive legal drugs that go under the moniker of painkillers. Because they are legal, and the big profiteers from them, is the pharmaceutical industry, it will be quite awhile before they are made a relevant part of ‘The War on Drugs’. Long considered a Suburban high, painkilling drugs, [...]

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