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Editorial “A Smile is…the shortest distance between people.”

The final piano number at the recent Grand Opening of the American Swedish Institute’s Victor Borge Exhibit was the nostalgic Claire de Lune played by pianist Glenn Henriksen. The last quotation shared by Janet Borge Crowle, a daughter of Borge, following nearly an hour of fascinating reminiscing about her “Papa,” the famous “Great [...]

February 2011 Daves’ Dumpster

February 2011 Daves’ Dumpster


by Peter Molenaar Hopefully, a good many visited “Dances with Wolves” as seen again on public television.  Certainly, it stands as one of the most beautiful and edifying of films… “Your life is like a pebble dropped into a sea creating ripples endlessly…you do not know the end of a thought, action or word.”—attributed to White [...]

COMMENTARY: Changing your diet

By Randall Grey There are so many products in our cupboards and refrigerators today that contain High Fructose Corn Syrup.  If you were to look at the ingredients of the products which are in your cupboard or refrigerator right now, you will find an ingredient called High Fructose Corn Syrup. Just in my home alone, I found it in the cereals, [...]

Food and Lack of Nutrition

By Randall Gray For over the last 20 years I have noticed the foods I eat are getting to taste less and less as it should. I’ve quit eating anything from a can, fast food restaurants (a.k.a. McDonald’s, Burger King or any one of the sort), any food that is microwaveable or pre-made. While growing up, over 90 percent of the foods we ate [...]

What Democracy Looks Like

by Peter Molenaar From the November/December issue of “Teamster” magazine: Did you know that more than 750 Teamster women recently marched through downtown Minneapolis, coloring the city in a sea of pink and black rally signs? The chant “We’re Teamsters! We fight! We fight for workers’ rights!” was amplified by sky-scraper [...]

January 2011 Daves’ Dumpster

January 2011 Daves’ Dumpster

December 2010 Daves’ Dumpster

December 2010 Daves’ Dumpster

Is war opposition a crime?

By Josie Winship When did Opposing War, become a crime in this country? A “witch hunt” is being held in the name of “Homeland Security.” On Sept. 24th 2010 the FBI raided the homes of eight Twin City peace and international solidarity leaders and the office of The Mpls. St.Paul Anti-War Committee. Some of them were involved in [...]

Two Faces

By Peter Molenaar I must be loosing it.  Damn rabbit ears…maybe this way…no, nothing.  What is up with this new thin screen HD television?  No more political attack ads?  Arrghh. Seriously, many of these ads have the effect of splashing acid on the opponent’s face.  An ugly caricature is created.  T.P.- G.O.P. types appear to be [...]

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