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March 2010 Dave’s Dumpster

March 2010 Dave’s Dumpster

Guacamole Dip

by Peter Molenaar With considerable frequency, the convenient Lake Street Latin food offerings prevail as the most satisfying answer as to what to eat next. A fat burrito with a side of guacamole does the trick. Invariably, it is observed, a corn chip with a lush dollop of the guacamole enters the mouth first. Savored with eyes closed, it is [...]

Dave’s Dumpster February 2010

Dave’s Dumpster February 2010

Honors for You…An ABC-123 Open Letter of Help to Young Students

Honors for You…An  ABC-123 Open Letter of Help to Young Students

By TaShawn Moore A.B.C’s and 1.2.3’s are just simply – OBJECTIVITY!!! “A” is the object of what you are to become - An honor roll student. An “A” student is focused and willing to work hard for what they want to become wherein, they develop an amazing purpose in the lives of family, friends, teachers and others. “B” is the [...]

Does Arson + “Accident” + Collusion = Demolition on Christmas Eve?

By Harvey Winje, Editor The house once owned by Pauline Feldje, the maker of the first Minnesota Flag and other historic, cultural artistic productions, has been a controversial subject as the current owner wanted it demolished for parking until it was placed under a moratorium until its historic significance could be documented and [...]

Moment of Silence

By Peter Molenaar Even as these words are written, another beneath the rubble has given up the ghost. The remaining resistance is fading… Flashback to 1803. Given a plague of wars, Napoleon Bonaparte’s France is a financial wreck. Concurrently, measures to maintain order in the lucrative sugar colony of Haiti are in jeopardy. Hence, the [...]

Dave’s Dumpster January 2010

Dave’s Dumpster January 2010

Wakan Tanka

by Peter Molenaar It took on the order of 200,000 years for humankind to develop a written language. Subsequently, “the word” accumulated in the form of scripture which in turn made literacy a requirement for entry into “the faith”. Hence, the emergence of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) within the once vast sea [...]

America, Wake Up & Mask Up!!!!!!!

By Raymond Jackson Cough, sneeze, wheeze, drizzle, and not even an excuse me, or any attempt to cover up the expulsion. How many times has this happened to you, already, and so early in this cold and flu season? We have huge pharmaceutical companies claiming that they can’t get going fast enough, to keep up with the demand for H1N1 flu [...]

Dave’s Dumpster November 2009

Dave’s Dumpster November 2009

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