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Vietnam and Naked Truth

By Peter Molenaar A good part of our neighborhood gave its attention to THE VIETNAM WAR on public television. For my generation, the series was an edifying reminder of that war’s impact upon our inner-being. Kent State Massacre, May 4, 1970… Nixon’s people informed the grief stricken parents: You should be happy your son was killed, he [...]

“Agitation stirs all the Atmosphere into Movement”

“Agitation stirs all the Atmosphere into Movement”

Ready for Some Football?

By Peter Molenaar I trust that no Vikings fan from this neighborhood has given up their seat or TV time to boycott the NFL. However, in D. Trump’s words, those who “dishonor our flag” are “sons of bitches.” The historical “bitch” was, of course, the enslaved woman the master would rape…only to have her mixed-race children torn [...]

1881-Wendell comments about what’s coming out of Russia that year…

1881-Wendell comments about what’s coming out of Russia that year…

Two Harveys Among Us

By Peter Molenaar Almost everyone in the Phillips Community knows something about Hurricane Harvey and associates.  Not as many are acquainted with Harvey Winje, editor of the Alley Newspaper.  So sad. Truth to tell, Harvey (the hurricane) is not a totally bad sort of being.  Actually, Mother Earth deploys hurricanes to flush excess heat from [...]

Frank Reflections: White Supremacy is monumental in scope and statuary

BY FRANK ERICKSON White Supremacy is an amazing thing!  Why was Robert E. Lee a free man after the Civil War? He took up arms against the United States government and killed over 100,000 American, yet he is treated like a rock star and is emboldened with statues all over the South. We now have eight Somali-American men from Minneapolis who [...]

Agitation is the Atmosphere of the brains!

Agitation is the Atmosphere of the brains!

Confederate General Robert E. Lee advised no Statuary for fear of war’s sores kept open

According to historian Jonathan Horn, Lee was often consulted in his lifetime about proposals to erect monuments to Confederate Gen. Stonewall Jackson and others. In a 1866 letter to fellow Confederate Gen. Thomas L. Rosser, Lee wrote, “As regards the erection of such a monument as is contemplated, my conviction is, that however grateful it [...]

Frank Reflections: The Korean Dilemma

Self-defense is a “slippery slope” BY FRANK ERICKSON The “scholars” are debating if the United States of America can “legally” attack North Korea and claim it is an act of self-defense.  Why is it those same “scholars” never talk about people’s right to attack the USA in self-defense? How can you continue to kill people [...]

The Aerobics Beyond the “Y”

By Peter Molenaar Visits to the Lake Street YWCA have become familiar to me, in the aftermath of thirty-five years hard labor at Smith Foundry.  However, when worn ankles dictate, treadmills and elipticals won’t do.  It is from the vantage of a stationary bike that I am allowed to discreetly observe. As for aerobics, evidently there are [...]

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