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Letter to the Editor: Tell History in full context; A Single Story is dishonest, disrespectful, and sometimes a monstrous mistake

BY LAURA WATERMAN WITTSTOCK It is the artist’s responsibility to understand the society in which he/she lives and to create art that moves society forward. Apparently this artist thought building a scaffold to reveal the horror of mass hangings would shock and wake people up about the scaffolds of the future unless society comes to its senses. [...]

Letter to the Editor: Profile Police Stops that fear non-whites of any age

By Laura Waterman Wittstock I don’t know how many studies I have read that non-whites are stopped far more than whites. In MN American Indians are arrested far more than their population should suggest when compared to other populations. A great majority of these arrests do not result in convictions. We can’t have an intelligent conversation [...]

Pondering the “Potato Bugs”

By Peter Molenaar Neighborhood gardeners have begun again to taste the harvest of their labor. The season has imposed unusual difficulties, but certainly the best is yet to come. As for my potatoes, two, fifteen-foot-long mounds are joined at one end via a semi-circle. In the semi-circle, the remnants of last year’s red fingerlings were [...]

FAKE NEWS SENT TO THE EDITOR: Conjecture, opinion, and prejudice

The Alley Newspaper has a firm policy excluding the printing of Letters to the Editor that are not signed. In May an ANONYMOUS packet of papers was sent to the Editor. The Alley Newspaper is choosing to acknowledge receipt of these papers albeit with a label of FAKE NEWS/propaganda/revisionist history. We believe it is important to acknowledge [...]

Dave’s Dumpster – June 2017

Dave’s Dumpster – June 2017

Birthing the Seed

Birthing the Seed

Largest Black Bean ever? Sacred to some Native American Tribes & regarded as “poor man’s meat” beans are rich in protein, supplying 1/3 of the essential amino acids to the corn, bean and squash trinity. By Peter Molenaar Two seasons ago, amidst the typically mottled ones, the harvest of Scarlet Runner Beans revealed two completely [...]

Beyond Word Magic

In The Alley Newspaper April 2017 issue, nestled between front page columns authored by good neighbors, a letter from the President of the United States was found! If overwhelming disdain did not prevent the reading, the ensuing wall of cognitive dissonance was likely to cut it short. Yet, I read on and on…to discover, deep on page 8, the credit [...]

Frank Reflections – May 2017

BY FRANK ERICKSON How can the forced removal of a doctor from an airplane get more press coverage and national outrage than a U.S. missile attack on Mosul, Iraq that killed 140 civilians? It appears the world revolves around America. And then the U.S. government drops a 22,000 pound bomb on Afghanistan. They can’t be stupid enough to believe [...]

Happy Mother’s Day–Happy May Day

Happy Mother’s Day–Happy May Day

“Capitalists are our Feudal Barons”

“Capitalists are our Feudal Barons”

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