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Frank Reflections: The Korean Dilemma

Self-defense is a “slippery slope” BY FRANK ERICKSON The “scholars” are debating if the United States of America can “legally” attack North Korea and claim it is an act of self-defense.  Why is it those same “scholars” never talk about people’s right to attack the USA in self-defense? How can you continue to kill people [...]

The Aerobics Beyond the “Y”

By Peter Molenaar Visits to the Lake Street YWCA have become familiar to me, in the aftermath of thirty-five years hard labor at Smith Foundry.  However, when worn ankles dictate, treadmills and elipticals won’t do.  It is from the vantage of a stationary bike that I am allowed to discreetly observe. As for aerobics, evidently there are [...]

When government ceases to protect the citizen ceases to owe allegiance!

When government ceases to protect the citizen ceases to owe allegiance!

Frank Reflections: A Good Deed: Deed Hiawatha Golf Course back to Hiawatha’s descendants!

Frank Reflections: A Good Deed: Deed Hiawatha Golf Course back to Hiawatha’s descendants!

BY FRANK ERICKSON In regards to what should be done with the land known as Hiawatha Golf Course at 4553 Longfellow Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407: give it back to Hiawatha! When an opportunity like this presents itself, it needs to be embraced and the right thing done! Giving the land back to its rightful owners is the right thing to do.  Giving [...]

Cultivating Heavy Soil

Cultivating Heavy Soil

By Peter Molenaar Transforming the USA along socialist lines is like propagating a garden in heavy soil.  Dense soils tend to impede germination and root development.  Yet, when properly conditioned, a “clay soil” is the most fertile and will produce glorious results. Marxism teaches that external factors are the conditions of change, [...]

Spirit of Phillips – July 2017

Spirit of Phillips – July 2017

Commentary: Cameras in the courtroom: fairness and equality will follow. “there’s none so blind as they that won’t see.”

BY CRAIG SEIFERT The Yanez verdict demonstrates the need for cameras in the courtroom. Centuries of courtroom secrecy must end, cameras are the vehicle to bring about the needed and necessary changes in criminal, civil and family courts, and would have an immediate effect on equality and the fair administration of justice for all. Besides that, [...]

Letter to the Editor: Tell History in full context; A Single Story is dishonest, disrespectful, and sometimes a monstrous mistake

BY LAURA WATERMAN WITTSTOCK It is the artist’s responsibility to understand the society in which he/she lives and to create art that moves society forward. Apparently this artist thought building a scaffold to reveal the horror of mass hangings would shock and wake people up about the scaffolds of the future unless society comes to its senses. [...]

Letter to the Editor: Profile Police Stops that fear non-whites of any age

By Laura Waterman Wittstock I don’t know how many studies I have read that non-whites are stopped far more than whites. In MN American Indians are arrested far more than their population should suggest when compared to other populations. A great majority of these arrests do not result in convictions. We can’t have an intelligent conversation [...]

Pondering the “Potato Bugs”

By Peter Molenaar Neighborhood gardeners have begun again to taste the harvest of their labor. The season has imposed unusual difficulties, but certainly the best is yet to come. As for my potatoes, two, fifteen-foot-long mounds are joined at one end via a semi-circle. In the semi-circle, the remnants of last year’s red fingerlings were [...]

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