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What’s in a Name?

By Peter Molenaar 13,000 years ago the great glacier, which had covered these parts for many thousands of years, began to recede.  Giant ice boulders left among the drift created the holes which became our lakes.  One such lake would come to be called Mde Maka Ska. The people migrated northward with the receding ice.  Those who remained [...]

Thor and Pandora

by Peter Molenaar To the ancient observer, the approaching cumulonimbus cloud appeared as a giant hammer from which lightning bolts penetrated the earth.  Hence, the hammer-wielding Viking god associated with thunder storms and destruction, but also healing and renewal, was born in the people’s mind.  Thor was his name. In the modern [...]

Beyond Wisconsin

by Peter Molenaar March 13, 2011… There were pleasant greetings between the handful of neighborhood folk who attended the most recent rally in Hudson. David Bicking was there. His handmade sign read: “Labor Creates All Wealth”. In jest, I pondered out loud, “Oh, I thought ownership of the means of production created wealth.” And [...]

Millions In Motion

By Peter Molenaar The people in this neighborhood of the world have yet another opportunity to experience an enhanced human connection—to elicit a smile and eye contact from the Arab people among us.  For example, don’t just plop coins on the counter at the corner convenience store, but boldly ask:  “What’s your opinion regarding the [...]


by Peter Molenaar Hopefully, a good many visited “Dances with Wolves” as seen again on public television.  Certainly, it stands as one of the most beautiful and edifying of films… “Your life is like a pebble dropped into a sea creating ripples endlessly…you do not know the end of a thought, action or word.”—attributed to White [...]

What Democracy Looks Like

by Peter Molenaar From the November/December issue of “Teamster” magazine: Did you know that more than 750 Teamster women recently marched through downtown Minneapolis, coloring the city in a sea of pink and black rally signs? The chant “We’re Teamsters! We fight! We fight for workers’ rights!” was amplified by sky-scraper [...]

Two Faces

By Peter Molenaar I must be loosing it.  Damn rabbit ears…maybe this way…no, nothing.  What is up with this new thin screen HD television?  No more political attack ads?  Arrghh. Seriously, many of these ads have the effect of splashing acid on the opponent’s face.  An ugly caricature is created.  T.P.- G.O.P. types appear to be [...]

On The FBI Raids

by Peter Molenaar The basic facts: The FBI raided five homes and an anti-war office on September 24, 2010.  Federal grand jury subpoenas were handed to nine local activists.  The activists include eight women and one man ranging in age from 29 to 71.  Four are parents of children ranging in age from 18 months to 6 years of age.  One is a [...]

State Fair Angst

By Peter Molenaar “Angst” is a German word which has achieved vernacular status in the contemporary English.  It means:  anxiety with a little depression thrown in.  For our purposes, the word connotes an omnipresent but less than full-blown anxiety, which normally remains repressed by the requirements of daily living. To the [...]

Pull Together

By Peter Molenaar Given the unprecedented economic, political and military power of the U.S. ruling class, it may seem like a pipedream to believe that we “ordinary” folks can advance socially even by small increments. But when the foundations of this colossal power are examined, definite weaknesses are revealed. First, the system of [...]

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