Friday May 29th 2020

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Yes, Hillary, And Then…?

Our Hillary has accused the Donald of “taking hate mainstream.” Oh, quite right.  It seems the little boy-man suffers all the symptoms of affluenza, the nauseating narcissism of every known chauvinism.  Sadly, a serious mass seeks salvation in worship of the false idol. However, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, 25 million years old, is [...]

The snake and our nurses

By Peter Molenaar Not so long ago, the ancient ‘black snake’ prophecy was linked to the construction of railways. However, recent ceremonies have sifted through the prophecies to reveal that the snake goes underground. In these modern times, millions of settler descendants are coming to know the truth as well. Should the black snake cross the [...]

Union Pride

By Peter Molenaar UNION PRIDE MEETS NATIVE PRIDE, this is the frontline caption seen in the August issue of The St. Paul Union Advocate. From the article: “Participants in a unique pre-apprenticeship program co-sponsored by the Cement Masons and area tribal authorities, worked in silence, heads down, as their instructors barked [...]

Philosophy and the Police

By Peter Molenaar They say that all conscious beings are a product of the evolution of matter. Yet we must resist all forms of oppression as if moved by ‘God’s will’. Such is one meaning of the expression: Black Lives Matter. Yes, we live in a country built upon the most massive genocide and cruelest enslavement, and yes, the existing [...]

My Talk With June Bug Regarding Non-Violence

By Peter Molenaar Hah!  June Bug, you have come to rest your long forelegs across a rumple of my jeans…evidently not to bite me.  Alright then, it seems we shall enter a state of mutual contemplation.  Are you aware of the violence in this world? Note: “The LGBT community has stood side by side with the American-Muslim community during [...]

Wild rice

BY PETER MOLENAAR “Ricey Wild” is the pen name attached to “It Ain’t Easy Being Indian.”  Ricey is a window to the world, as seen from the Fond du Lac reservation.  Her work is published in THE CIRCLE and as such, is part of the fabric of our community. Only occasionally has Ricey vented resentment upon the surrounding White world.  [...]

Living With Cave Bear

By Peter Molenaar Ursus spelaens (Cave Bear) emerged one million years ago, coexisted with Homo neanderthalenis for 300,000 years, then went extinct in the period of Homo sapien ascendency. Cave Bear was a big vegetarian. In those Ice Age winters, he and his kind occupied in masse the great caves of Europe. There, they would hibernate. Who doubts [...]

Saving Capitalism

By Peter Molenaar Author Robert Reich’s most recent book bears the title: Saving Capitalism - For the Many, Not the Few. Those of us born to black and white TV, might remember Robert as the Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton. Of interest currently, is the former secretary’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders. Certainly, the Sanders Campaign [...]

Black Lives Matter

By Peter Molenaar Note: “Motherless Child” is title of a traditional Negro spiritual, dating back to the era of slavery when it was common practice to sell children away from their parents. The following, written in 1952, is taken from the work of William Z. Foster: “During the three-and-a-half centuries since the first English colonies [...]

You May Blame Me

By Peter Molenaar Vikings vs. Seahawks… I’ve been a Vikings fan from day one, as I am Minnesota born (1950) and relate with co-workers whose spirits are bound to the team’s success. No, I do not endorse the “ultra-left” opinion that we should support the Green Bay Packers, merely because their organization does not conform with the NFL [...]

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