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Turn, Turn, Turn

Turn, Turn, Turn

By Peter Molenaar It was a pleasant surprise to find not one, but two of my comrades on the front page of last month’s Alley Newspaper. Pete Seeger and Meridel Le Sueur were both amazing human beings. Truth to tell, however, Pete’s Party status has been somewhat hazy. He was “close”, they said. As for Meridel, thirty some years ago I [...]

Time Will Tell

By Peter Molenaar It is now past a month since the good surgeon replaced my worn bone-on-bone left hip with a joint of cobalt and plastic.  It was a three-day hospital stay, during which a royal treatment was rendered by people from all over the world.  However, it is about time to re-enter…movements, meetings and protests, and yes, the [...]

The Red Word

By Peter Molenaar The good news is: My left hip joint is, at long last, scheduled to be replaced. However, the day the Washington “Redskins” came to town, I was in some serious pain after laboring eight hours behind the grinding wheel. To make matters worse, it was a cold day and evidently the barometric pressure was low. But, neighbors, [...]

Who Should We Vote For?

By Peter Molenaar For the fun of it, I’d like readers to take a Wikipedia adventure. Start with the 17th century philosopher named Baruch Spinoza. Follow the links. A history of philosophy and theology will be revealed. For entertainment, this course almost competes with post season baseball. Trust me. As it happened, owing to his [...]

By the Way

By Peter Molenaar Just recently, while traveling north on Cedar Avenue, this writer was forced to slam his brakes near the tangled intersection known for its Taco Bell. A long-haired youth had stepped abruptly in front from the parallel traffic which had stalled for his benefit. My horn refrained, yet the youth approached with a finger on [...]

A Wiff of Wilf

A Wiff of Wilf

Rufus who, after “breaking wind,” is told by his owner, “Oh Rufus, pee-yew, you “stink like a Wilf”. Which begs the question: What is the origin of the phrase “stink like a Wilf”? By Peter Molenaar Rufus the dog belongs to girlfriend. I am pleased to say they both love me. Evidently, however, when left in the care of a family [...]

A Human President

By Peter Molenaar There are many among us whose spiritual outlook has been staked to the possibility of a successful Obama presidency. As for me, even in moments of disappointment, I have attempted to “walk in his shoes”. In truth, this column has several times made the point: It is the mean spirited politics of the dying capitalist system [...]

Skunk and Racoon

By Peter Molenaar It is now forty years since I held title to 16 acres near Lake Milac. Many of us had chosen to go “back to the land”, in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. We all had our share of sublime moments, but survival became an issue for most of us. Was it the full moon and stars which heightened awareness as he walked the dead [...]

Hip Replacement Time

By Peter Molenaar Ever have trouble engaging the medical system in this country? Try growing up in a medical family as I did. It was my father who examined all the private parts…mine as well as those of all my classmates. It followed that for years I returned to Cannon Falls for the free service, but did so only when the course of household [...]

It Ain’t Easy Being…

By Peter Molenaar Just as the “Raise Your Voice” column appears once a month inside the back cover of “The Alley” so does Ricey Wild’s “It Ain’t Easy Being Indian” appear monthly in “The Circle”. Both columns should be regularly read. Admittedly though, for insightful truths elevated to the level of a belly laugh, Ricey [...]

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