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Fresh Springs And Flowing Streams

By Peter Molenaar It was August 30, 2010 when John T. Williams, a 50-year-old Native American woodcarver, was shot four times by a Seattle police officer. He was simply crossing the street while holding a block of wood and a pocket knife. What year was it when Julani, a Somali neighbor, was gunned down here? True, he brandished a machete, but he [...]

The Aura Of Tomas Young

By Peter Molenaar Truly, the new science of brainwave imaging has begun to reveal some interesting things. For example, moments of compassionate giving manifest as definitive and relatively expansive “cloud” formations. As Christmas is approaching, we might now reconsider old reports that the spirit of Jesus emanated a visible aura. But for [...]

All in the Family

By Peter Molenaar Misfits and “free thinking” types should take Cedar Avenue to Hiawatha, west to Highway 94 to 394/12 all the way to Willmar, Minnesota. There you will find a sanctuary. Actually, this particular Unitarian church was founded by my Grandpa Peter Molenaar. I journeyed there recently to attend a reunion. The first encounter was [...]

Warblers of the World

By Peter Molenaar Flitting about within the fronds of my garden’s crimson red okra, so tiny it was. Soft grays of wing, green and gold of body, its rapid head/eye movement processed a world far beyond the realm of my own slow wit. Most precious gift… Come back! Members of the Audubon society have met at the East Lake Library. They are [...]

Gailileo’s Compromise

By Peter Molenaar August 2, Powderhorn Art Fair… Before descending the slope from the corner of 35th Street and 15th Avenue, I was enticed to scan the annual Women’s Prison Book Project yard sale of used books. A hardback copy of Galileo’s Daughter caught the eye. It was an excellent purchase for the sum of $3.00. It happened a few [...]

Through Different Eyes

By Peter Molenaar In this part of the world, we are fortunate to have The Circle, a paper which elevates Native Americans while stifling racism and chauvinism in general. It was not so long ago that I communicated with Ricey Wild to commend her column “It Ain’t Easy Being Indian.” Her words, so often packed with meaning, are a reflection of [...]

Beyond The Great Bdote

By Peter Molenaar For the Dakota, a ‘bdote’ was most frequently the convergence of two rivers (a place where two waters come together). In today’s world, “great bdote” refers to the ongoing meltdown of the polar ice caps. Unfortunately, close to 100 million people in Bangladesh stand to be inundated. How many millions of our own people [...]

The Great Bdote

By Peter Molenaar To the near southeast of this part of the world lies the vista of the Minnesota and Mississippi river valleys. The span of this bdote (a place where two waters come together) is central to our indigenous spirituality. Presently, the Mendota (bdote) Bridge is a convenient way to cross over. It is also known that Franklin Avenue [...]

Native Sons

By Peter Molenaar What happens to people who drive west on Franklin Avenue to the point where it ceases to exist? It is likely they will turn south on Penn Avenue and discover Birchbark Books one block away. That’s what happened to me. Birchbark is locally our best store of Native American Indian literature. I did purchase one of Louise [...]

Too Much To Ask?

by Peter Molenaar March 10… Lord knows that the industrial grinding wheel imposes an arduous task upon a worker. Nonetheless, I am happy to have returned to Smith Foundry in the aftermath of hip replacement surgery. It is, after all, $20 / hour plus benefits. Note: in Minnesota, 137,000 children live with parents who earn the minimum [...]

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