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Saving Capitalism

By Peter Molenaar Author Robert Reich’s most recent book bears the title: Saving Capitalism - For the Many, Not the Few. Those of us born to black and white TV, might remember Robert as the Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton. Of interest currently, is the former secretary’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders. Certainly, the Sanders Campaign [...]

Black Lives Matter

By Peter Molenaar Note: “Motherless Child” is title of a traditional Negro spiritual, dating back to the era of slavery when it was common practice to sell children away from their parents. The following, written in 1952, is taken from the work of William Z. Foster: “During the three-and-a-half centuries since the first English colonies [...]

You May Blame Me

By Peter Molenaar Vikings vs. Seahawks… I’ve been a Vikings fan from day one, as I am Minnesota born (1950) and relate with co-workers whose spirits are bound to the team’s success. No, I do not endorse the “ultra-left” opinion that we should support the Green Bay Packers, merely because their organization does not conform with the NFL [...]

The Big Bang and Bernie

By Peter Molenaar A shop called Mayday Café exists not far from the center of the universe.  Various political types are found there, including some radicals. All are welcome. December 17, 2015… A friend was anxious over a forthcoming exam on the subject of the Big Bang Theory, hence an invite to a pastry with coffee.  I offered that the [...]

Enter the Corner Store

By Peter Molenaar At the height of his manhood, our Jesus would lead a nonviolent resistance to the Roman occupation. Then, three centuries later, the early period of Christian martyrdom would come to an end. 1189 – 1192… In the Third Crusade, evidently as a matter of convenience, Richard the Lionheart would slit the throats of 3,000 [...]

The Great Transition

By Peter Molenaar 403 - 221 BC… The newly developed cupola type furnace emerged like so many mushrooms upon the land. Masses were rallied to the stacks…all available iron was to be sacrificed between layers of glowing coke (i.e., coal). Such was the Warring States Period in Chinese history. June 1979… I would survive Smith Foundry’s [...]

Clean Power?

By Peter Molenaar Tucked in the south-west corner of the Phillips Neighborhood is an impressive facility dubbed the Colin Powell Youth Leadership Center.  The Center saw our Congressman Keith Ellison play host to a “celebration of the Clean Power Plan.”  Yes, the aggrandizements were well distributed, to be sure.  However, my inner voice [...]

Magic Stone

By Peter Molenaar Apart from the smooth “water stones” deposited by the last glacier was a jagged chunk of glassy black obsidian fused to a layer of grainy brown basalt. Evidently, some billion years ago, there had been a torrential rain in conjunction with volcanic activity. It is the southward path of Portland Avenue which leads ultimately [...]

“Democracy” and Bees

My butternut squash plants have commenced to flower and set their early fruit. Like all curcubits (squash, melons, cucumbers, gourds, pumpkins) they are monecious, meaning the male and female aspects are embodied in one plant. However, the flowers themselves are not hermaphroditic. The male and female blooms are separate. The males reveal in [...]

Cut Worms And Radishes

By Peter Molenaar “Cut worms” are members of the largest family in the Lepidoptera, i.e., they are larvae of a moth.  It was not a rabbit which murdered your tender young tomato, it was the devil incarnate. Behold the innocent one, plump and curled in the form of a C beneath the severed plant.  What role in nature did its ancestors play?  [...]

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