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“Democracy” and Bees

My butternut squash plants have commenced to flower and set their early fruit. Like all curcubits (squash, melons, cucumbers, gourds, pumpkins) they are monecious, meaning the male and female aspects are embodied in one plant. However, the flowers themselves are not hermaphroditic. The male and female blooms are separate. The males reveal in [...]

Cut Worms And Radishes

By Peter Molenaar “Cut worms” are members of the largest family in the Lepidoptera, i.e., they are larvae of a moth.  It was not a rabbit which murdered your tender young tomato, it was the devil incarnate. Behold the innocent one, plump and curled in the form of a C beneath the severed plant.  What role in nature did its ancestors play?  [...]

Fly the Friendly Skies

By Peter Molenaar Monday, May 18… The Metropolitan Airports Commission was to convene its monthly meeting with a lengthy agenda.  Star employees were to receive awards! Smile.  However, the deeper concern was this:  Should the low-wage classifications be bumped up $1.00 from the minimum wage? So rendezvous at the Lake Street Station for a [...]

Levels of Consciousness

By Peter Molenaar Let us recall that the realm of philosophy is divided into two camps.  ‘Philosophical Materialism’ asserts that the universe existed prior to consciousness, whereas “idealists” believe the universe was created from consciousness. Curiously, the Buddhists among us avoid the mind-body question, choosing instead to seek [...]

One Day…

By Peter Molenaar March17, about 3:10 p.m…. Picked up Camila for a 3:30 rendevous with CTUL.  Camila is a “red-diaper baby” of Chilean descent, recently returned from a tour of Cuba.  Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha (CTUL) is a worker’s center which rallies the community in support of vulnerable low-wage workers.    We [...]

Our Planet Spins

By Peter Molenaar Numerous Ward 9 activists will recall the elongated moment which delivered the DFL endorsement to Alondra Cano on her initial bid for a City Council seat. The democratic spirit had prevailed in recognition of her competence…or so it seemed. Ty Moore and the Socialist Alternative were then determined to mount a vigorous [...]

Against Hate Speech

By Peter Molenaar My father’s recent “cardiac event” made time for the two of us to revisit family history. Ancestors had been burned at the stake or otherwise repeatedly dunked under water until dead…and the bullies of childhood left marks as well. Nonetheless, in his medical practice, father treated religious people with devotion. Why [...]

Fresh Springs And Flowing Streams

By Peter Molenaar It was August 30, 2010 when John T. Williams, a 50-year-old Native American woodcarver, was shot four times by a Seattle police officer. He was simply crossing the street while holding a block of wood and a pocket knife. What year was it when Julani, a Somali neighbor, was gunned down here? True, he brandished a machete, but he [...]

The Aura Of Tomas Young

By Peter Molenaar Truly, the new science of brainwave imaging has begun to reveal some interesting things. For example, moments of compassionate giving manifest as definitive and relatively expansive “cloud” formations. As Christmas is approaching, we might now reconsider old reports that the spirit of Jesus emanated a visible aura. But for [...]

All in the Family

By Peter Molenaar Misfits and “free thinking” types should take Cedar Avenue to Hiawatha, west to Highway 94 to 394/12 all the way to Willmar, Minnesota. There you will find a sanctuary. Actually, this particular Unitarian church was founded by my Grandpa Peter Molenaar. I journeyed there recently to attend a reunion. The first encounter was [...]

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