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Phillips Community Center Update “No, I’ll take the stairs!” … Carl Peterson

Phillips Community Center Update  “No, I’ll take the stairs!”  … Carl Peterson

by Robert Albee, Ventura Village It’s finally done! Last week we sent to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for most of the organizations who want to work together with the Park Board in the reopening and ongoing operations of the Phillips Community Center. It’s located at 11th Avenue and [...]


By Harvey Winje At 3:09 AM September 23, 2010, the Earth’s axis tilted so that it was not away from or towards the Sun. The Earth’s Equator came in alignment with the center of the Sun. On that date, day and night were of approximate equal time called the equinox. . Anticipating longer nights, people have begun planning and filling [...]

A Peace of My Mind a place to hear voices for peace

A Peace of My Mind a place to hear voices for peace

By John Noltner This exhibit is the result of almost two years of work, exploring the meaning of peace. The seed for this project was planted as two events in my photographic journey coincided. The first was a sort of restlessness I had been feeling for some time that I was not doing exactly what I had been made to do. The second event was [...]

“A Peace Of My Mind” Photo Exhibit to Open on United Nations International Day of Peace September 21 at Midtown Global Market

by Megan Swenson Twin Cities photographer John Noltner will open his new documentary exhibit, “A Peace of My Mind” at Midtown Global Market on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010, coinciding with the United Nation’s International Day of Peace. “A Peace of My Mind” is a project that combines art and storytelling to explore the meaning of peace. [...]

A Peace of My Mind a place to hear voices for peace: Stories

A Peace of My Mind a place to hear voices for peace: Stories

David A. De Lampert Jr. has been living on the streets of Minneapolis for the past 30 years. A veteran, he survives on disability checks and through gratuities people offer him. David spends his days inviting people to sign his coat with a permanent marker. When they sign, they will often give him a dollar or two “to help keep me going.” He [...]

Tell your story

by Harvey Winje, Editor Children worldwide have said, “tell me a story” in all languages for centuries. Don Hewitt used those words explaining his success as the Emmy Award winning creator of 60 Minutes. People’stories were a main source for A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn. Studs Terkel was another preeminent [...]

i think i can i think i can-“Thinking I can,” just ain’t enough

Commentary By Harvey Winje For decades neighbors here have said, I think I can. I THINK I CAN! That “Little Engine That Could” chant became “We think we can. WE THINK WE CAN!” Thinking alone wasn’t enough so they added hard work—phone calls, meetings, leaflets, lobbying, money raising, and much more. Finally, they were often able to [...]

Five separate suitors seek space in Phillips Community Center (2323 11th Avenue)

by Robert Albee, Secretary of Ventura Village The 9th of July was the due date for submissions to the Mpls. Park and Recreation Board’s Request For Proposals (RFP’s) for future use of the currently closed Phillips Community Center. Scheduled for a reopening in early fall, the 49,000 square foot center has been shut down for replacement of [...]

East Phillips Community Center project set for Completion State and County Add $571,328 for Environmental Cleanup

The EPCC building project is guaranteed completion because $571,328 was made available for removal and replacement of contaminated soil. The Minnesota Dept.of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) and the Hennepin Cty Environmental Response Fund (ERF) were thanked by John Erwin, Mpls. Park Bd. Pres. on July 7th. “The Park Bd appreciates [...]

Liberty and Justice for all?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! Once again, on America’s 4th of July Birthday, we are reminded that some Minnesotans have been in the forefront of efforts to ensure [...]

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