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Alley Cooks

Alley Cooks

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING TRADITION OF BLUEBERRY SOUP: COURTESY THE AMERICAN SWEDISH INSTITUTE  Prep and cooking time 20 min. Serves 4  750g / 1lb 10oz / 5 cups blueberries fresh or frozen 80g / 3oz / 1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon of sugar plus extra to taste 2 tablespoon potato starch -Place berries in a large pot with the sugar and pour in [...]

Lawns For Legumes

Lawns For Legumes

Earlier this year, Minnesota approved the Lawns to Legumes program which provides funding to help residents convert their lawns to natural habitat for pollinators. Learn how you can bee involved! • Demonstration Neighborhood Project for Phillips and Corcoran neighborhoods’ grant provides funding for residents to install pollinator-friendly, [...]

Franklin Aldi closed until mid-April

Franklin Aldi closed until mid-April

Remodel will remake store with wider aisles, more fresh foods, and more refrigerated products by Tesha M. Christensen TESHA M. CHRISTENSENFinding it hard to get to the grocery store since the Franklin Aldi’s closed? Get free delivery via Instacart, Aldi's grocery delivery service. Look for an updated Aldi at 1311 E. Franklin Ave. in [...]

CCC: “Snack Attack” a Cuisine Commentary by Courtney “Bridging” Sparse Budget and Appetite by “drizzle” and “slather” of inexpensive foods

By Courteny Algeo Normally I write a monthly column for The Alley about great places to eat in the Phillips Neighborhood. While many of the restaurants are affordable, there are times that going out to eat just isn’t in the budget, as is the case for me this month. So, instead of going out to get a delicious prepared snack, I thought I might [...]

Fish Tacos by La Sirena Gorda, “The Fat Mermaid.”

Fish Tacos by  La Sirena Gorda, “The Fat Mermaid.”

By Courtney Algeo The truth is this: I went to the Midtown Global Market on a rainy Tuesday evening to review Pacific Islander Cuisine. We went around 6:00 p.m.–prime dinnertime–but only one person was working at the restaurant, cooking and dishing up all of the made to order food herself. She looked like she was working extremely hard, and [...]


by Jane Thomson Beside startling names, what these two recipes have in common is that they can help use up odds and ends of uninteresting foods, and do it simply. EGGS IN PURGATORY - Adapted from “Dash”, the food advertising glossy supplement found monthly in the Pioneer Press and S’Trib. For four eggs: 1 to 2 cups of marinara [...]

CCC: “Snack Attack” a Cuisine Commentary by Courtney Ecuadorian “Countryman’s” platter delights at Guayaquil

CCC: “Snack Attack” a Cuisine Commentary by Courtney Ecuadorian “Countryman’s” platter delights at Guayaquil

By Courtney Algeo Although I tend to eat a lot of Mexican and Mexican-inspired foodstuffs, I recently realized that I’ve never intentionally sought out other types of Latin American delicacies. Rather than sitting around all day trying to figure out why this is, I immediately decided to remedy this issue, and at the suggestion of a friend, [...]

Food Obsession: B.S.T.P.

by Jane Thomson Bring Something To Pass – a potluck. The first recipe is from my daughter Rose. Some years ago, when she was a teenager, I was out of the kitchen for long periods of time, and not hanging over her telling what to do. She made some cookies that won a prize at the Sherburne County Fair (we lived in Elk River at the time). Of [...]

Food Obsession: WHAT DID I TELL YOU?

By Jane Thomson I said to read the whole recipe before making the dish. Here are a couple of recipes that are easy to make if certain very specific instructions are followed. They are in caps here, but such details don’t always hit you in the eye when you give a recipe the once-over. BEER BREAD – this quick bread goes with anything and [...]

Food Obsession: PANCAKES

By Jane Thomson More pancakes and less prose (could this be on a t-shirt?) Pancakes, combined with fruit and either milk, eggs, yoghurt or sausage make a decent meal. It’s only when you take in “all you can eat” that they become a weight hazard. Any of the pancakes below would be good with syrup, honey or tart/sweet fruit [...]

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