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‘Food Obsession’ Archives

Food Obsession: Salad Days

by Jane Thomson The dictionary says that “salad days” refers to “A time of youth, innocence and inexperience.” So much for that. The term could also mean the times of year when we like to eat all kinds of salads. Here are three recipes: Sweet Potato Salad 4 pre-cooked, refrigerated, medium sweet potatoes (about 6 to 8 oz [...]

Food Obsession: Something Different

by Jane Thomson My readers (both relatives) are probably tired of my preaching about diet, obesity, waste etc., so I will tone it down. These two recipes are good for summer. Neither is for “everyday”. “Bill’s” Smoked Oyster Salad (from Star Tribune, long ago) 3 cans of smoked oysters, drained 2 cups of cooked curly macaroni, [...]

June 2010 Food Obsession: No Waste or No Waist

by Jane Thomson It is criminal to waste food – so thought my late husband, grandmother, and mother-in-law. My mother, on the other hand, said it was good manners to leave a little food on your plate. Surprisingly, so does Michael Pollan in his new book Food Rules (do not pay $12 for this book). I am in the middle on this issue: I know that [...]

“Food Obsession”: IMBY Eating

by Jane Thomson We all know what a “NIMBY” is: someone who says “Not In My Back Yard” about having an objectionable facility near her home. But for some good, inexpensive and interesting eating, you might look to your back yard. If your yard is sunny, you might plant vegetables; but that is an article I will leave for a more [...]


By Jane Thomson Above is the gist of a message that would have been sent home a couple of years ago in a harebrained plan to combat childhood obesity. Now, Michelle Obama is on the problem, and at least, she will do no harm. I was a fat child; it was not fun; and guess what – my parents had noticed without being informed. When I was ten years [...]

Food obsession: Gingerbread

By Jane Thomson Note: “Food Obsession” will be a column written by Jane Thomson often, if not regularly, in The Alley. I am not a “foodie”, but I like to eat and am also a constant dieter – thus the obsession. I welcome anyone else’s sending in his own food article, perhaps focusing on informed healthy eating or on world hunger [...]

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