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Laura Waterman Wittstock will be “Signing-Off” of FIRST PERSON RADIO/ KFAI 90.3 FM February 14th—Valentine’s Day 2018!

She has produced and hosted FIRST PERSON RADIO for many years. News and stories are streaming out of “Indian Country” as the large number of land islands that dot the American landscape are collectively known, and from the more than two-thirds of the Indian population that live in areas off their home territories. Politics, artistic life, [...]


BY FRANK ERICKSON Even though the government’s use of military snipers abroad is so corrupt and murderous, most Minnesotans will have no problem with military snipers on top of downtown Minneapolis buildings during the Super Bowl because the snipers won’t be cutting down any unarmed “men of military age” or unarmed “suspected [...]

Messiah Congregation, Epiphany** Sale and Celebration, Jan. 26 & 27, 725 East 25th Street

BY ANN E. KEATING Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church is having an Epiphany Sale and Celebration on Friday, January 26th and Saturday, January 27th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm as we vacate our historic church at 725 East 25th Street. Come wander the rooms and reminisce. Pick through the books, take home a poster or a hymnal. Sit in the sanctuary one [...]

Urban Ventures’ Center for Families: A Program for the Whole Family!

Urban Ventures’ Center for Families: A Program for the Whole Family!

BY PRISCILLA BROWN    On a cold and snowy night in December, a room is filled with adults and children dressed in their Sunday’s best, but they’re not here for a holiday party. They’re here instead for a graduation. This wasn’t a celebration for the kids, but for the adults, both men and women, who were being recognized [...]

A Plea for Help!

A Plea for Help!

Opposite this page is The Alley Newspaper Front Page of December 1978/January 1979. It was “A Plea for Help.” Help did appear as it has for several evolutions of this community-owned and governed newspaper. Neighbors took the task before them and produced 473 issues of The Alley Newspaper in 42 Years During the past two years, we have begun [...]

SPIRIT WOUNDS: Passion for Justice and Beauty: LA POSADA

SPIRIT WOUNDS: Passion for Justice and Beauty: LA POSADA

by Patrick Cabello Hansel We had our annual Posada last Saturday–the Christmas procession with Mary and Joseph/Maria and Jose, looking for shelter for the holy child. We had some really mean innkeepers turn us away, which was great! I’m looking for Posada or shelter from all the craziness of this past year. The tax cut for the rich has [...]

Touring Exhibit by Alley Communications DID YOU KNOW?

Touring Exhibit by Alley Communications  DID YOU KNOW?

For the 2017 Neighborhood Open House event at the American Swedish Institute, The Alley Newspaper put together what we think might be the beginning of an ongoing “DID YOU KNOW exhibit” that illustrates some of the incredible facts that form the 150 years of history of the Phillips Community, in particular. We believe that all of us, those of [...]

Join Phillips Wellness 50+ to learn, connect, build our community

Tuesdays - 5:30 to 7:00 PM Ebenezer Tower, 2523 Portland Avenue (Ebenezer bus will pick up at Park Apts. and Loren on Park at 5:10) January 9 Who Needs a Buddy? We All Do! with Sandra Smith January 16 Life & Death Planning with Lee Cunningham January 23 Questions & Answers about Making the Most of Your Money with Lee [...]

Last building on BLOCK 5: Lost Heritage & Trust

Last building on BLOCK 5: Lost Heritage & Trust

BY HARVEY WINJE Messiah Lutheran Evangelical Church Pastor, Dr. Rev. Leonard Kendall, (1943-1953) instilled is us students many tenets of Lutheranism and the Bible, but outstanding to me, 65 years later, is that we must always trust that the teacher, the leader, will always “have our back.” Trust like that in church, government and [...]

Letter to the Editor: While hoping for Sale, Messiah’s pianos to kids, hymnals to Africa, music to churches, and archives to smaller boxes

Dear Editor, After speaking to you, I hear that here are many issues involved in the possible sale of the Historic Messiah Church. I wish to address just one assumption from your paper.  As a long-time member of Messiah, I was very hurt by the intimation that we would “trash” our beautiful sanctuary. To me it seems inevitable that we will [...]

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