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March 2018 Alley Newspaper

March 2018 Alley Newspaper



Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 8:00am—8:00pm

HHH Class uses “Jumper Cables” to boost The Alley Transition

HHH Class uses “Jumper Cables”  to boost The Alley Transition

SUSAN ANN GUST /ALLEYNEWS By SUSAN ANN GUST The Alley Newspaper’s key volunteers/leadership are elated to have spent Saturday, Feb. 3 with 13 amazing graduate students from the U of M Humphrey Institute in a class called “Stakeholders Skills for Policymakers and Planners”. The Public Affairs class is taught by Wendy Wustenberg and Lee [...]

St. Patricks Fire

St. Patricks Fire

PATRICK CABELLO HANSEL/SEMILLA CENTER FOR ARTS AND HEALING | Marchers on Palm Sunday 2017 at corner of Bloomington and Lake Street in front of Semilla whole wall ceramic mural. By PATRICK CABELLO HANSEL Would you willingly go back to the land where you were enslaved?  That’s what St. Patrick did, in 432 C.E. He was a Roman citizen of Britain, [...]

44th MayDay! Theme Decision Time!!

By MEG WALSH Welcome to two brainstorm community meetings for the 44th MayDay Parade Theme. MayDay Parade, Ceremony, and Festival process begins in Feb.& Mar. Neighbors and Artists: have a conversation about our community: hopes, concerns, & images that resonate & inspire as we look towards this new year. (more…)

MayDay Green Team

By LUCINDA ANDERSON MD Green Team needs volunteers for planning team. MayDay 2018 is our 5th year helping reduce waste at this large community event. MayDay presents a fantastic opportunity to learn about planning and doing Public Event waste reduction. You’ll join an awesome group of fellow volunteers to boot. Volunteers needed on the day of [...]

February 2018 Alley Newspaper

February 2018 Alley Newspaper

Laura Waterman Wittstock will be “Signing-Off” of FIRST PERSON RADIO/ KFAI 90.3 FM February 14th—Valentine’s Day 2018!

She has produced and hosted FIRST PERSON RADIO for many years. News and stories are streaming out of “Indian Country” as the large number of land islands that dot the American landscape are collectively known, and from the more than two-thirds of the Indian population that live in areas off their home territories. Politics, artistic life, [...]


BY FRANK ERICKSON Even though the government’s use of military snipers abroad is so corrupt and murderous, most Minnesotans will have no problem with military snipers on top of downtown Minneapolis buildings during the Super Bowl because the snipers won’t be cutting down any unarmed “men of military age” or unarmed “suspected [...]

Messiah Congregation, Epiphany** Sale and Celebration, Jan. 26 & 27, 725 East 25th Street

BY ANN E. KEATING Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church is having an Epiphany Sale and Celebration on Friday, January 26th and Saturday, January 27th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm as we vacate our historic church at 725 East 25th Street. Come wander the rooms and reminisce. Pick through the books, take home a poster or a hymnal. Sit in the sanctuary one [...]

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