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Wedding Announcement: Jonathan Miller weds Amy Wehrman

Wedding Announcement: Jonathan Miller weds Amy Wehrman

Longtime (gosh, it has been a long time, hasn’t it) Alley editor and graphic designer Jonathan Miller celebrated his nuptials to Amy Wehrman on August 14. Amy and Jonathan celebrated their wedding with 160 of their friends and family at the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis. The old-exploded-flour-mill-reborn-as-wonderful-museum was chosen to [...]

Losing our Assets: A Plea For Help!

By Robert Albee I started out trying to tell a story about Ancient Traders, the East Franklin Avenue strip mall across the street from my house, but wise counsel prevailed and pointed out too many holes, inaccuracies and inflammatory language in that draft so it is better to start afresh. So this story is more of an editorial than a narrative, [...]

Seward Co-Op Creates Rating for Excellence and Cooperative Ethics “Principle Six” “preferred products” Debuts Oct. 2

by Lindsey Frey and Tom Vogel Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli launches a new product rating system October 2nd that highlights products from small, local farmers and producers, as well as cooperative businesses. Going beyond the expected “organic” and “local” labeling, conscientious shoppers can select and purchase items produced in the [...]

FREE $5. Match to First $5. EBT Dollars Spent at 3 Markets on Produce

EBT Recipients Have a New Reason to Shop at 3 Farmers Markets By Katie Eukel Recipients of food assistance can now use their EBT cards to purchase affordable, healthy and tasty food at the Midtown, Minneapolis, and Northeast Farmers Markets in Minneapolis. These markets will also encourage EBT users to eat well by offering an [...]

“On Behalf of” or is it “In Behalf of?”

By Robert Albee I consider myself a fairly experienced writer, though I wouldn’t call myself a “man of letters” or anything as strong as that. You might have caught my story when I tried for a clever headline entitled, Five Separate Suitors Seek Space in the Phillips Community Center in last month’s Alley newspaper. Two weeks later, I [...]

Young Leaders’ Program

Young Leaders’ Program

The Young Leaders program was begun in 2006 by St. Paul’s Lutheran on 15th Ave and 28th Street. After talking with hundreds of people in the area, one of the issues that rose to the top was the lack of programs for youth in the critical ages of 11 to 15. Based on successful programs in Milwaukee and Philadelphia, St. Paul’s designed the [...]

Love the Midtown Greenway?

Take The Greenway Challenge! By Lauren Fulner, Community Organizer, Midtown Greenway Coalition The Twin Cities community will be taking over the Greenway this September, and we want you to join in the celebration! Riders in the first annual bike-a-thon on the Midtown Greenway on September 25, 2010 will be delighted by live music, colorful [...]

Curious about Seward’s Folly and Sarah Palin?

By Harvey Winje The only connection of Seward’s Folly with Seward Neighborhood in Mpls. is the namesake—William Henry Seward, 1801-1872. Seward was a staunch fighter of slavery and, in fact, was so outspoken that it probably lost him the nomination to the presidency in the year that Abraham Lincoln (a country lawyer, an Illinois state [...]

Mayor Rybak Appoints Sue Hunter Weir to the Heritage Preservation Commission

Are you curious about history, how we preserve and celebrate history in Minneapolis, and who writes it? by Harvey Winje If 19th century Irish poet and author Oscar Wilde is correct that “any fool can make history, but it takes a genius to write it,” then, who we commission to preserve and celebrate our local and national history is very [...]

Are you curious about a bamboo shirt or hemp socks? Bamboo, Cotton, and Hemp Clothing add comfort and sustainability

by Paul Wallick and Raymond Jackson Many people are becoming more eco-friendly, by recycling and reducing waste. Global changes conditions suggest these are a much needed and appreciated lifestyle changes. There is also increased awareness of how other practices will help the environment and the sustainability of our planet as well. The [...]

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