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Maria Hoyos and Maria’s Café Honored by the City

Are you curious what “working hard and staying strong can do?” by Raymond Jackson Maria Hoyos and her Café’ that she owns and operates received a Business Resolution award from Mayor R.T. Rybak and The Minneapolis City Council on January 29th. Maria’s Café’ located at 1113 East Franklin Avenue, in the Ancient Traders Market, was [...]

Minneapolis Park Board Issues RFP for Phillips Community Center

Special to the Alley Newspaper by Robert Albee, Ventura Village Secretary In its April 21st regularly scheduled Wednesday night meeting, the Minneapolis Park Board voted unanimously to issue a Request For Proposal (RFP) seeking qualified partners to “add programming and services… compli-mentary to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board [...]

Kudos: Little Earth Urban Farm

Kudos: Little Earth Urban Farm

By Harvey Winje The May 2010 KUDOS is the Little Earth of United Tribe Urban Farm Project for its ambitious conversion of vacant land into many raised beds for growing food locally. Last year a busload of people went to Milwaukee to see Will Allen’s farm project. The group came back excited about the possibilities for growing food, [...]

2010 Minnesota American Indian Month Kickoff Parade and Celebration Friday, April 30th 9 AM

Minnesota American Indian month began as American Indian week in 1969 as a way to educate the broader community about American Indian people and cultures. More than 40 years later, south Minneapolis continues to be an important neighborhood in the urban American Indian community. The 2010 Minnesota American Indian Month Kickoff celebrates the [...]

Anti-Arsenic Arsenal + Absorption + Art = Amelioration

Anti-Arsenic Arsenal + Absorption + Art = Amelioration

By Nicholas Riggers Signs led to stories… Shortly after moving to Seward I began to notice the Superfund Cleanup signs sporadically placed throughout the neighborhood and started to begin doing some research into what the Superfund was and why the EPA was here and after discovering that the area apparently had dangerously high levels of [...]

“Going the extra mile…beauty is an essential element in one’s life.”

by Michael Simms I’ve always believed that having beauty in one’s life was an essential element for my own happiness. When we started rehabbing properties in Minneapolis, we had many discussions with various contractors whose mindset was “Just do what’s absolutely necessary” to rent, and we’ve insisted on going the extra mile to [...]



By Harvey Winje The Alley occasionally features aproject in the Community that has accomplished an improvement project that adds to the view on the street, is pleasing to the occupants, and deserves special attention so that everyone knows that others care and appreciate it. The Kudos this month go to the work on 2704 16th Avenue by Tahoe [...]

East Phillips Improvement Coalition Policy Statement Summary in Opposition to Xcel Hiawatha Powerline Proposal

At the request of the EPIC Board, Carol Pass, Board President, submitted a 35 Page Position Statement to the State Of Minnesota Office Of Administrative Hearings For The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) expressing the community’s strong opposition to these Overhead High Voltage Electrical Transmission Lines. The brief focused on three [...]

SPORTS TALK: March 2010

By Ray Jay and Young Dex Sunday January 22, 2010, 9:28 P.M., The strings on my heart are being pulled with such force, that I felt compelled to immediately begin writing the March edition of Sports Talk. What I and Dex had just witnessed in the NFC Championship game, our Minnesota Vikings vs. The New Orleans Saints, was nothing short of a triple [...]

February Phillips What? Where? Contest

Answer these any 3 of the following 5 questions correctly and win a chance for a drawing of a $10.00 Gift Certificate at Welna Hardware 2438 Bloomington Avenue. After Mt. Sinai Hospital closed the Mpls. 1. Phillips Neighborhood was named for Jay Phillips owner of a large liquor distribution company and philanthropist to Mt. Sinai Hospital and the [...]

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