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La Natividad Returns

La Natividad Returns

by Patrick Cabello Hansel One of the most unique partnerships in the arts takes place literally in our backyard: La Natividad, the bilingual Christmas procession and celebration that is a partnership between In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (HOBT), St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and Mercado Central marketplace. La [...]

Leon Oman retires after 28 years in Community Education at Andersen Elementary

Leon Oman retires after 28 years in Community Education at Andersen Elementary

By Harvey Winje Two hundred people greeted and cheered Leon Oman on his last day of 28 years as a Minneapolis Schools Community Education Coordinator at Andersen School in the Phillips Community. His years as a community educator brought together his passion for education, his seven years experience as a social worker, as well as, his involvement [...]

Memories of Leon: Being with Leon, you are the focus

by Jonathan Miller Without Leon Oman I would probably be unemployed right now. No, Leon didn’t personally give me a job, but the strong impression he left on me during my internship with The Alley Newspaper did steer me away from the career path I was on–Magazine journalism. We all know how swimmingly that industry is fairing right now and in [...]

The Alley Newspaper is Bound for the Future With Your Help!

By Susan Gust and Harvey Winje The Alley Newspaper is Bound for the Future. Bound into 17 volumes, no less, spanning all of its 33 years! It will be printed on paper much better than the newsprint on which it is printed each month, allowing the many photos, stories and articles to be able to be viewed and used by others well into the future. Once [...]

Frequent + Biker = Freiker Rhymes with Hiker

Frequent + Biker = Freiker Rhymes with Hiker

Freiker + Dero = More Hiking and Biking at Seward Montessor By Kathy Kurdelmeier Dero Bike Racks in the Seward neighborhood has paired up with Seward Montessori, a Minneapolis Public School, to make the school the most walked and biked to school in the city... maybe the state. Dero Bike Racks has donated a Freiker/Dero ZAP system to [...]

THE Murder and Mayhem TOUR

Do you ever think that you would have liked to live back in the “good old days?” Think again. Murders, suicides, rail yard accidents, mill explosions, car wrecks and drownings were pretty much the order of the day. On our (occasionally irreverent) tour, you’ll hear about some of the highlights of Minneapolis’ history and be introduced to [...]

Former Sears Employees Gathered at Midtown Global Market

Former Sears Employees Gathered at Midtown Global Market

by Megan Swenson Former employees of the Lake Street Sears department store, located in the Midtown Exchange building from 1928 to 1994, returned to the site of their old workplace, now home to Midtown Global Market, for a reunion on Thursday, September 17. This was the first trip back to the historic building for many since Sears closed its [...]

Sports Talk

By Ray Jay & Young Dex We must start this edition with a warm heart felt congratulations to The Minnesota Lynx WNBA basketball team, that just missed the playoffs, by two games. A season in which star player, Siemone Augustas, suffered a season ending injury in game four. Congrats to Lynx head coach, Jennifer Gillom, for her ability to [...]


PART II, Where do we go from here? By Raymond Jackson This sequel to last month’s, ‘War On Drugs’ article will help to answer readers questions, such as Gina P. of South Minneapolis, who asked, “What do the officiados/doctors say  about this growing dilemma? “What can we actually do about it?” “What are some warning [...]

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