Tuesday February 18th 2020

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The person in there

The person in there

Peace House Community – A Place to Belong By MARTI MALTBY This December I got to lead the annual Homeless Memorial March, an event that honors those who died in the past year who were either homeless or formerly homeless. It was the fifth time in seven years that I led the March, an honor I received because I carry Luna, a huge [...]

Celebrating Peace House people

Celebrating  Peace House people

By Mike Hazard MIKE HAZARD James, Tony, and Janette (left to right) focused on a haircut Tony kept saying, “Don’t be afraid.” Don’t be afraid Janette, a retired psychologist who counseled couples (and who’s losing her hearing and was always letting couples know they were not hearing each other), was giving Tony a haircut at [...]

Peace House Community Journal – Where is your living room?

Peace House Community Journal – Where is your living room?

By MARTI MALTBY When Sister Rose founded Peace House Community, it quickly became known as “the living room on Franklin Avenue”. Sister Rose wanted anyone who walked through the door to feel like they were going to a friend’s house where there was acceptance without invasive questions. People could share what they wanted or not share as [...]