Monday April 12th 2021

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The Never-Ending Tragedy

Peace House Community - A Place to Belong By MARTI MALTBY I’m writing this on February 5, during the first really cold spell we have had this winter. Yesterday was not a shining moment in my career of serving the homeless. One of our community members who has serious physical handicaps mentioned in passing that he needed to get his tent [...]

A Golden Age, or Fool’s Gold?

Peace House Community: A Place to Belong By MARTI MALTBY I try to find positive things to talk about in this space, but I also want to make sure the voices of the homeless and others who come to Peace House Community are heard. Those two goals sometimes conflict, as homelessness and hopelessness often go together, especially in Minnesota in [...]

Looking Forward

Peace House Community–A Place to Belong  By MARTI MALTBY  A recent email from HousingLink, a local nonprofit that works on low income housing issues, contained links to news articles with depressing titles like:  ● “Elderly and homeless: America’s next housing crisis”  ● “New report shows Minnesota LGBTQ teens [...]

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Keep Calm

Keep Calm

Peace House Community – A Place to Belong  BY MARTI MALTBY  American society seems to have become a lot less civil over the years. I know bullies and those who overreact to perceived slights have always existed, but it seems as though people now think it is their patriotic duty to accuse others of committing a moral wrong [...]

The Wisdom of Powerlessness

Peace House Community–A Place to Belong By MARTI MALTBY  I’ve had a horrible time coming up with an idea for this month’s column. I suppose that if that’s the worst thing to happen to me, I must be having a good week, but it’s still frustrating.  As I’ve watched the Coronavirus pandemic unfold, I’ve been struck by how [...]

Groundhog Day

Peace House Community—A Place to Belong By MARTI MALTBY Back in May, when people had settled into the Covid-19 lockdown, a survey by OnePoll asked Americans how their sense of time was being affected by spending day after day in their homes. The results included: The average American got confused about what day it was five times every [...]

Systemic Racism isn’t the Problem

By MARTI MALTBY In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, I’ve heard a lot about systemic racism. As far as I can tell, though, no one is saying anything new. I first heard of systemic racism in university over 25 years ago, and I’ve heard it discussed consistently since then, and now I’m hearing it discussed more loudly. Unfortunately, [...]

Peace House Community–A Place to Belong: Canadian Humor (which I spell “Humour”)

Peace House Community–A Place to Belong: Canadian Humor (which I spell “Humour”)

By MARTI MALTBY I decided that this month I wouldn’t mention Coronavirus (it didn’t take long for me to fail on that count, did it?) because it has dominated so much of the news that I wanted to give you a break from thinking about it. I hadn’t fully grasped how pervasive Covid has become until I tried to come up with a topic for this [...]

Peace House Community “Poetical Picture Story”

“A Little United Nations” By MIKE HAZARD “As the person who has been at Peace House Community the longest (34 years), my heart is breaking,” emails Catherine Mamer. “Never did I think it would come to this, but I realized it was the only choice we had.” Peace House Community has had to close the doors for now to keep everyone at [...]

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