Friday January 17th 2020

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Introduction to The Alley’s New Series: STORIES FROM OUR BACK YARD

Inside of the area called the “Backyard”, there are 15,000 households. Inside of each of those homes or apartments are stories waiting to be told. There are stories of kids getting good grades at school, friendly gestures between strangers, overcoming addictions, stories of incredible hope amidst despair. This month’s story is written by [...]

Out in the Backyard

Out in the Backyard

Out in the Backyard is an initiative to connect LGBT community from the backyard to each other and to resources. We are currently have a once a week kettlebell class at Pillsbury House every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm. It is FREE for all the Backyard LGBT community members. Our instructor here is Yolanda Womack from Infinitely Fit [...]

Backyard Initiative Citizen Health Action Teams: Creating Connections and Resources for Health

By Janice Barbee, Cultural Wellness Center This update highlights the work of seven additional Citizen Health Action Teams (CHATs) of fourteen total after summarizing the work of four more.  The other three will be summarize in the May issue. The Backyard is approximately one square mile area surrounding the Midtown Global Market and Allina [...]

“The Story You Are About To Hear Is True!” …and it is written by or about YOU!

The Communications CHAT of the Backyard Initiative is excited to announce a new, monthly column beginning next month on this back page of The Alley Newspaper.  Every month, we hope to inspire readers of this paper by offering at least one amazing story portraying the acts of kindness, courage and caring that occur each and everyday in the area [...]

Backyard Initiative Update

By Janice Barbee, Cultural Wellness Center Citizen Health Action Teams 14 Citizen Health Action Teams (CHATs) have been working just a few months, some for a year, and some over a year. 140 BYI residents have participated in a CHAT. The BY is one square mile area around the Midtown Exchange. Residents of those seven neighborhoods have [...]

A Community and Institution Partnership to Improve the Health and Health Care Experience of the Residents of the “Backyard” Area

By Janice Barbee, Cultural Wellness Center The partners in the Backyard Initiative all see the partnership itself as a major accomplishment of the Initiative. The Partnership Consists of Two Partners: Atum Azzahir is the Executive Director of the Cultural Wellness Center, the community organization that is charged with engaging residents [...]

The Backyard Commission on Health: Commissioner’s Report on Accomplishments

By Janice Barbee, Cultural Wellness Center Three years ago, Allina began the Backyard Initiative as an investment in the community’s power to improve its own health in partnership with the resources of the health care system. Allina has shown its commitment to the community engagement process as a strategy for strengthening the capacity for [...]

Backyard Initiative Update Harvesting Learning from the Dakota Language Revitalization Citizen Health Action Team

By Janice Barbee and Madeline Gardner, Cultural Wellness Center Residents of seven neighborhoods in south Minneapolis (in the area around Allina Health System’s headquarters) have been implementing their ideas for health improvement for the past year with the support of Allina and the Cultural Wellness Center. The Dakota Language [...]

A Process for Valuing the Work in the Backyard Initiative

By Janice Barbee, Cultural Wellness Center When the Backyard Initiative began three years ago, residents of the neighborhoods of Central, Corcoran, East Phillips, Midtown Phillips, Phillips West, Powderhorn Park, and Ventura Village were invited to a meeting to look at Allina’s plans for improving the health of the residents. One of the [...]

Update on the Backyard Initiative An Integral Community Care System

By Janice Barbee, Cultural Wellness Center and Lovel Trahan, AmeriCorps VISTA, Allina Health Systems On September 23, the Circle of Healing CHAT of the Backyard Initiative hosted a community forum entitled “An Integral Community Care System: Responding to the Health and Wellness Needs of Community” to present a framework for developing a [...]

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