Monday July 26th 2021

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‘Tracking Running Wolf’ Archives

Running Wolf Fitness Center and Connie Norman

By Lydia Caros Connie Norman was the face of Running Wolf Fitness Center (RW) for 4 years. She was a tireless worker who believed in the program and in promoting health in the local Native American community. She was a teacher/trainer for the Living In Balance classes at NACC and offered the classes to other Native organizations for years, as [...]

Running Wolf Fitness Center CLOSED Management by Clinics ends Dec 31st

To the Community, Since 2010, the Running Wolf Fitness Center has operated as a program of the Native American Community Clinic and the Indian Health Board. It was under their management that Running Wolf moved into the Phillips Community Center. Recently because of capital expenditures and financial restrictions the two clinics will no longer [...]

Fitness and Wellness classes combine for better health @ Running Wolf

By Connie Norman Hello from Running Wolf Fitness Center! This month I wanted to talk about the whole program of health and wellness that is offered at Running Wolf all for only 10 dollars a month! When folks think about going to a fitness center, I believe they think about only the treadmills and other weight equipment and the fitness [...]

Tracking Running Wolf

By Connie Norman As the manager of Running Wolf Fitness Center, I must say that I am not sure that Running Wolf Fitness Center will be open after the end of August. Come what may, I’m reminded about the many generous and positive people we have here volunteering at Running Wolf. As I thought about it, I realized that there have been many [...]

Tracking Running Wolf Sacrificed for Safety, Loosing Pounds and Gaining New Life! – a Story of Survival

By Connie Norman Hello from Running Wolf Fitness Center. We are so grateful to the Alley Newspaper that we are able to share our success stories of Running Wolf Fitness Center clients with all of you. I hope you find it motivating so you, too, can make time to exercise and take care of your health! I am excited to share our next success [...]

Running Wolf Fitness Center: A Wellness Dream Betrayed. Will We Save It?

By Robert Albee Quite often, I sit in our conference room overlooking the westside entrance to the Phillips Community Center. There I usually see a stream of people entering the building, standing by the door to Running Wolf Fitness Center waiting to be let inside. Or it’s somebody leaving, having worked on their physical fitness routines. [...]

Success By Leaps and Bounds “Look if I can do it anyone can…”

By Connie Norman Hello from Running Wolf Fitness Center. Wow its June already! I wanted to share another special Running Wolf fitness Center success story with you. This is for all of us who struggle to develop a regular routine of exercise and wellness activities so you can live a healthier life. Late last November Mr. Jackson came into [...]

No Hurdles Between You and Running Wolf. Run-on Over!

By Connie Norman Hello from Running Wolf Fitness Center! We all know that the days are getting longer and warmer, meaning it’s time to pull yourself out from the comfort of your winter layers and revive your sluggish energy levels and winter blues wobble with some exercise at Running Wolf! But finding what motivates you and keeping it up [...]

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”

Hello, This month we are very lucky to have an article written by Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, a Naturopathic Physician in Bloomington also doing health sessions here at Running Wolf.  – Connie Norman By Sara Jean Barrett Hippocrates, a man commonly known as the father of modern medicine, is responsible for this [...]