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Better Days Are Coming

METRO TRANSIT By JOHN CHARLES WILSON  There are two big pieces of news this month. One isn’t transit-specific but will have a major impact in the next few months on transit, and that is we seem to be turning the corner on the coronavirus pandemic. Masks may soon become historical relics, as forgotten as they were after the 1918 flu. [...]

Build Transit For Our Climate

METRO TRANSIT  By JOHN CHARLES WILSON At the time I am writing this, Minnesota is having its coldest weather of the season. Please keep that in mind if it is warmer by the time this column is actually in print. Everybody in Minnesota who goes outside knows we havea challenging climate, to say the least. Extreme cold and snow in the winter, [...]

Metro Transit

By JOHN CHARLES WILSON Even though I normally write about schedule and routing issues, there is little going on on that front this month. However, I’ve gotten a call and an email about bus stop and infrastructure issues, which gives me material for this month’s column. Last year, Route 2 got the “Better Bus Route” treatment. This [...]

METRO TRANSIT: Answer the Survey, We’re Counting on You

By JOHN CHARLES WILSON  Public transit is one of the few government functions where the people in charge actually listen to suggestions from common citizens. I have been going to public forums about transit changes for many years, though recently I’ve had trouble getting to them. However, because of the pandemic a lot of this stuff is [...]

Where Are We Going?

METRO TRANSIT By JOHN CHARLES WILSON Even though our buses and trains are still running on a greatly reduced schedule, Metro Transit is hard at work behind the scenes building and planning for a COVID-19-free future. That said, I wish to interrupt the good news to tell everyone that Cub Foods is running a FREE shuttle bus between its [...]

Transit: When Will Normalcy Return?

Transit: When Will Normalcy Return?

By JOHN CHARLES WILSON Note: This column was written between the times Governor Walz announced the lifting of the Stay at Home order and the change taking effect. Metro Transit has decided to continue running a Saturday schedule on weekdays and not running buses or light rail late at night, even after the Stay at Home order is lifted, [...]

Transit and the Coronavirus

By JOHN CHARLES WILSON Last month, I wrote about a restructure of Rochester Public Transit since there was no news about transit in Phillips or the Twin Cities in general. Ironically, The Alley Newspaper submission deadline was just two days before Metro Transit made the first of two major service cutbacks due to the closure of certain [...]

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Adapting traffic – Construction Update: New Lake Street & 35W Transit Station By MNDOT adapted by GUSTAVO MANCILLA Computer rendering of the Lake Street &35W Transit StationPHOTO COURTESY OF MNDOT & GUSTAVO MANCILLA As part of the 35W@94 project, MnDOT and Metro Transit are building a new transit station at I-35W & Lake [...]

TRANSIT—Transit Changes in the Med City

TRANSIT—Transit Changes in the Med City

By JOHN CHARLES WILSON Unfortunately, there is no significant transit news in the Phillips neighborhood, or even the Twin Cities, for me to report this month. Therefore, I am going to digress from my usual local focus and talk about changes coming to the transit system in Rochester as of the 12th of July. The last time I wrote about [...]

Transit – Politicians and Light Rail Safety

Transit – Politicians and Light Rail Safety

By JOHN CHARLES WILSON The Minnesota State Legislature is finally trying to do something about the rising tide of crime and harmful behavior on public transit, particularly on the Light Rail system. While many members of the community are saying, “It’s about time!” it looks like what should be a universal issue is rapidly becoming [...]

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