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Sámi Day at Ingebretsen’s

Sámi Day at Ingebretsen’s

By Rosalie Sundin One of the original indigenous cultures of the Arctic are the Sámi people (formerly referred to as Laplanders.)  Their original “Sapmi” homeland extended westward from the Kola peninsula of Russia, across Finland, to the Atlantic coast of Norway, and from edge of the polar seas southward through central Norway and [...]

Searching – A Serial Novelle Chapter 22: “For whatever might come”

By Patrick Cabello Hansel By the time they reached Ingebretsen’s there was a line out the store, down the block in front of the poster collective and La Que Buena, all the way around the corner on 17th. Angel’s Mom and Dad decided to go to the Mercado Central rather than wait in line, but Angel and Luz were curious to see what this great [...]

“Lutecorn,” “lutecream,” and “lutefish”… The Myth of the Lye-processed Cod fish is exposed bathed in butter

by Carsten Smith It is Lutefisk Tasting Day at Ingebretsen’s Scandinavian Gifts. Customers who come in for Swedish meatballs and bakery products cautiously accept a sample from Diane Noble, an Ingebretsen’s employee in a traditional Swedish costume. They take a sample in a small paper cup and stab the white fish in butter with a toothpick. [...]

Latino Reflections on Lake Street

Interview by Alexandra Renken, university of Minnesota Student of Joyce Wisdom, Executive Director of Lake Street Council What broad transformations have you seen occur with Latino businesses on Lake Street (as a result of Lake Street resurfacing, city ordinances, etc.)? Just to be clear, it was not a resurfacing road project, but a [...]