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By PATRICK CABELLO HANSEL  We hope that when two people “cling to each other and become one flesh” their journeys flow together into one tender, complicated and true story. But we know that life doesn’t work that way often. In order for Luz and Angel to be truly together in their life now, both of them must undergo journeys that the [...]

A Tale of Two People

By PATRICK CABELLO HANSEL RETURNING CHAPTER 3 So we’ve met Angel & Luz again. Angel works double shifts at Abbott to feed the family. Luz is trying to finish her degree at Augsburg. They raise their two children, wrestle with a complicated world, and still carrythe scars and questions of their past. They are happily married, and their [...]


CHAPTER 2 By PATRICK CABELLO HANSEL Luz fell asleep on the 21 bus—again—and went several stops past 17th.  She didn’t realize it until she was just passing the Zapata statue.  She yanked on the cord so hard it almost broke, and yelled, “Stop! Stop! Damn it, I said Stop!”, which is not a good thing to yell on the [...]

EDITOR’S NOTE Regarding “SEARCHING” by Patrick Cabello Hansel

EDITOR’S NOTE  Regarding “SEARCHING” by Patrick Cabello Hansel

Alley Communications has been honored and pleased to have been able to publish this novel by Patrick Cabello Hansel in The Alley Newspaper, chapter by chapter, each month for nearly three years. It has been a first for The Alley and for any local community paper as far as we know. We have been reminded by Jane Thomson, one of our most avid [...]

Green Tomato Cook-Off Results

by Claudia Slovacek Although it was a smaller turnout for the 10th annual Green Tomato Cook-off, the results of the cooks just keep getting better each year. We added a fourth category this year for dishes made with a MN produce/product and then blended it with the original three categories of sweets, savories and sauces/condiments. Sue [...]

Searching – A Serial Novelle Chapter 17: Family History [“Paper” proof of birth]

By Patrick Cabello Hansel As the party wound down, Angel danced one more dance with Luz. As the song melted away and they began to release their embrace, he noticed who was left in the room: Mr. Bussey, talking with Mother Light and Ana; Luz’ grandmother Dolores, and Angel’s father, Augusto. It was nearly 11, and though tomorrow meant heavy [...]