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Searching – A Serial Novelle Chapter 19: (“I will go with you.”)

By Patrick Cabello Hansel When Angel and Luz came back into Denny’s, Mother Light and Ana had left. Such is the wisdom of love. The cards were put away, and the plates of food on the table were in their original uneaten state, growing cold. Angel stood before the remnant of that strange Guadalupe night and said, “I’m sorry. I kind of [...]

Searching – A Serial Novelle Chapter 17: Family History [“Paper” proof of birth]

By Patrick Cabello Hansel As the party wound down, Angel danced one more dance with Luz. As the song melted away and they began to release their embrace, he noticed who was left in the room: Mr. Bussey, talking with Mother Light and Ana; Luz’ grandmother Dolores, and Angel’s father, Augusto. It was nearly 11, and though tomorrow meant heavy [...]

SEARCHING – a Serial Novelle CHAPTER 14: Darkness and Light

By Patrick Cabello Hansel Angel and Luz went on talking for what seemed to be for hours, hours of sitting among the dusty puppets and masks, telling their stories as they had never been told. Their bodies kept inching towards each other, a trusting born not only of desire, but of a calling deep within: a calling to heal and be healed. Just as [...]

SEARCHING – a Serial Novelle CHAPTER 13: Stories in the Storeroom

By Patrick Cabello Hansel How long Angel and Luz sat in the storerooms of masks and puppets no one knows. No daylight entered their hiding place, just a few small bulbs in the ceiling lit the long hallway. It did not matter to them. They told stories of their youth: growing up amid the mangoes and papayas and alamos of their little villages in [...]

SEARCHING – a Serial Novelle CHAPTER 12: The Raid

By Patrick Cabello Hansel People running in all directions. Shouting. Horns. Babies screaming. Right in front of him, an old man tripped on the ice and fell face down, splitting open his upper lip and breaking his nose. Blood poured out upon his worn Vikings sweater and onto the fresh snow. What is going on? Angel thought. Did someone get [...]

SEARCHING – a Serial Novelle CHAPTER 11: Calling

By Patrick Cabello Hansel This time, Angel did not vacillate. He walked south, past Waite House, the Islamic Center, the airplane graveyard. At the Greenway, he paused for a moment to look down. The plows had not come yet, but intrepid cyclists had carved little paths in the snow. From his point of view, they looked like chromosomes stretching [...]

SEARCHING – a Serial Novelle Chapter 9: History, Part I

by Patrick Cabello Hansel (Author’s note: in the last chapter, Angel met up at Maria’s Café with his high school history teacher, who began relating a neighborhood story from the mid-19th century that he has unearthed during his sabbatical.) “Between August Ternstvedt’s little house and what became the cemetery was a low piece of [...]


By Patrick Cabello Hansel We can’t say that Angel didn’t know where to start this leg of his journey. He’d been starting his whole life. Fits and starts. False starts. Start and stop, start and stop. Angel’s problem was finishing. He’d managed to graduate from Roosevelt—barely—and he vaguely remembered the platitudes the locally [...]