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March 2013 Spirit of Phillips

March 2013 Spirit of Phillips

The next NEW PWW Photo will appear in January 2012 Including THE BEST EVER PWW RESPONSE

The one and only correct contestant for the November Phillips What Where was by Matthew Roed.  We have never had such a thorough answer along with additional commentary about Phillips.  Here it is in its entirety:  Dear Editor: My name is Matthew Roed and I live in Golden Valley and work at Abbott Northwestern Hospital where I read the [...]

Jim Stewart’s article in The Alley Prompts Visitor to Create a Wood Type Poster of Wendell Phillips

Jim Stewart’s article in The Alley Prompts Visitor to Create a Wood Type Poster of Wendell Phillips

A poster marking Wendell Phillips’ 200th birthday, nailed to a power pole in the former copper mining town of Calumet, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Daniel Schneider, who lives in Michigan’s copper district, nailed up 11 of the wood type posters in Calumet and surrounding mining towns on November 11, 2011. A novice letterpress printer, [...]

December 2011 Daves’ Dumpster

December 2011 Daves’ Dumpster

Mixed Bag

by Peter Molenaar Unlike the esteemed guru who, it is said, once transcended all earthly attachments, the rest of us are bound to the spiritual ups and downs which reflect the satisfactions and irritations of our existence. St. Paul’s Church, 11-11-11… It was in conjunction with the 200th birthday of Wendell Phillips, renowned [...]

“To Catch the Glow”

By Wendell Phillips Stafford, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, from 1911 Centennial Speech “…Not many men deserve to be remembered on their hundredth birthday; but Wendell Phillips’s second centennial may be better observed than his first.  …” “…The battle has moved onward; there are fighters [...]

What’s on your mind? What makes you optimistic about life in the neighborhood? What makes you angry. Tell Wendell Phillips on 11-11-11

Phillips Community is named after Wendell Phillips an extraordinary champion of racial and economic justice. Just how cool is that?   The community’s name announces to the world that the people of Phillips stand for equality for each of us and justice for all of us! Phillips was born 200 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts. He became famous [...]

Why Phillips? Why Care?

By James Brewer Stewart Why is the Phillips Neighborhood named Phillips?–Who was “Phillips”?–Why should anyone care? Simply because this “Phillips” stands for a real person–Wendell Phillips–one of the world’s most admired fighters for human rights and for equality for everybody– No Exceptions–women and men, young and [...]

Wendell Phillips Bicentennial in Phillips

By Harvey Winje Dave Moore and I, went to Cambridge and Boston Massachusetts in early June to be a part of the Wendell Phillips Bicentennial Symposium, Social Justice: Then and Now.  We were inspired and ready to help plan Alley Communication’s celebration this Fall near his birthdate, Nov. 29th.  Watch for future announcements.See Dave’s [...]

July 2011 Daves’ Dumpster

July 2011 Daves’ Dumpster

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