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Sunday June 16th 2024

“”¦There are those that use pain meds appropriately”¦”

As I sit in my pain clinic reading Mr. Jackson tear apart pain meds without acknowledging legitimate use, I find myself getting angrier every line I read. I did not ask to be on pain meds just like I did not ask to be hit while on a motorcycle by a truck by an ass text messaging while driving. The obvious omission of a small insert of “there are those that use pain meds appropriately as well as those who don”'t” pisses me off. I pointed this out to those that bring this rag to this office and was promised I would not see it here again. Write about all the people we see texting while driving. They are killing more people than pain meds!!!!!!! Write about something you actually LIVE instead of what you assume. I took your rag so that I can express my disgust to all the people who purchase ad space so they think twice before choosing to spend their money on your space. Lots of papers out there besides yours. I live & work in the area and am ashamed to be represented in such a non-objective way.

Lisa Widman

Editor”'s Note: Lisa Widman”'s objections are taken seriously and certainly illustrate how personal and significant all of the specific, underlying issues of health care generally become because they are so loaded with in-depth moral issues. Raymond”'s article was talking about drugs that have a legitimate medical use finding their way to the streets for illegitimate, illegal use. The Alley welcomes her critic and the opportunity to learn again that such delicate topics need to underscore the main points being made even more clearly.

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