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Monday May 20th 2024

Honors for You”¦An ABC-123 Open Letter of Help to Young Students

By TaShawn Moore

A.B.C”'s and 1.2.3”'s are just simply ”“ OBJECTIVITY!!! “A” is the object of what you are to become – An honor roll student. An “A” student is focused and willing to work hard for what they want to become wherein, they develop an amazing purpose in the lives of family, friends, teachers and others.

“B” is the object of making good decisions. This will carry you far in becoming ALL YOU CAN BE!!! Be what your Maker designed you to become. Be dedicated to school and your circumstances to make a bright future for yourself.

“C” is the object of looking within oneself and seeing themselves in a positive view.

This positive track will get YOU where you want to be in the future.

As for the 1,2,3”'s; these are the objectives of simple addition, multiplication, subtraction and fractions ”“ with this in mind, CONFIGURE an attitude that will give you the TRUE value worth of your life!

With that ALL being said – Stay motivated, focused, positive and bright eyed for a new way of thinking!!

Tashawn Moore is originally from Washington DC. and currently employed by Phyllis Wheatley Community Center in North Minneapolis as a second grade tutor for an outstanding title one program, called Academic Achievement Program; targeting students that fall below the grade average in reading and math with in school tutoring and after school tutoring for qualified students that attend Bethune Elementary School. She has an Associates Degree in Computer Network Administration and is attending Rasmussen College pursuing an Early Childhood Education Degree. Passion, Motivation and Willingness to see children succeed to their highest potential has been a lifetime goal of hers.

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