Tuesday January 18th 2022

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The Alley”'s Annual Fundraising event persevered through record snowfall!

The record-setting snowfall the evening of The Alley Newspaper”'s Annual Meeting and Fundraising Auction understandably limited attendance and income for this important event.

Bravo and thanks to the three dozen who were able to navigate the streets and snowdrifts.

Thank you also to the individuals and businesses whose donations were auctioned.

The Alley does need additional financial contributions donations to accomplish our work this New Year.

In spite of enormous snow drifts and narrowed streets, the US mail is still getting delivered remarkably well. Please consider using the mail and making a tax deductible contribution to Alley Communications, the community-owned nonprofit that produces The Alley Newspaper. Assist The Alley in 2011 to continue to ENGAGE and INFORM about life in the neighborhoods of Phillips Community and also reaching into the Backyards of Central, Powderhorn Park, and Corcoran Neighborhoods.

Every increment of $5 is appreciated. Give whatever amount you can afford.

Address to: Alley Communications P.O. Box 7006, Mpls., MN 55407

Or you can donate online by clicking on the donate now button on the left column of this website

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